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Konsolute delivers a digital transformation for Foreign Commonwealth Office Services

Case study

Foreign Commonwealth Office Services (FCOS)

Konsolute delivery a modern Intranet built on Microsoft 365 which enabled FCOS employees across various office locations and speaking various languages to communicate effectively

Solution Summary

FCO Services are part of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), operating commercially as a Trading Fund who provide a range of integrated services such as security services worldwide to the FCDO and other UK government departments, supporting the delivery of government agendas. FCO Services operate and deliver worldwide, working with over 250 embassies, high commissions, and other critical government facilities across 168 countries.

Konsolute carried out the design, development, and implementation of a collaborative platform programme for FCO Services which included the successful delivery of their modern Intranet solution.


The FCOS organisation involves collaboration between both internal and external workers based in offices all over the world. Furthermore, the staff working in these locations operate in various languages, making FCOS a multicultural and multilingual organisation. FCOS therefore required an Intranet solution capable of connecting employees across locations worldwide, opening communication channels and enabling ease of access to essential information by members across the organisation. The FCOS Intranet fundamentally needed to connect members of the organisation to key information, people, and services across locational, cultural, and linguistic barriers, supplying a free flow of information to the workforce in its entirety. This information should be presented to individual employees based on their specific job roles and requirements, allowing each member of the workforce to prioritise the information that they care about the most.

The solution needed to be easily customised to reflect the branding and vision of FCOS as an organisation in order to foster a cohesive company culture across its multiple locations. It also had the role of ensuring transparency across the organisation, enabling all employees to access a central hub of information and putting transparency at the very heart of the company culture.

As part of a wider SharePoint-hosted system, FCOS’s Intranet needed to be capable of integrating fully with Microsoft 365, giving employees access to an important line-of-business applications through one centralised system. This included the building out of business-critical applications, using the Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Government
  • Ministerial Department

Solution Strategy

Konsolute set up a detailed implementation plan according to the client’s key requirements through conducting a comprehensive Discovery Phase. During the Discovery Phase we conducted workshops and discussions with stakeholders and users across the company to identify key personas and User Stories, helping us to build a picture of the individual requirements of FCOS users. The Discovery Phase better informed our implementation plan for the specificities of the client.

Konsolute used their proprietary product known as ‘Kolumbus’ to infer an Information Architecture from their existing data repositories which included SharePoint and Lotus Notes databases. This process classified data into categories and sub-categories, creating taxonomies and giving a holistic view of the data created across the organisation. Kolumbus’ centralised dashboard gave a comprehensive view of the organisational data from which unstructured data could be queried and information architecture could be established.

A phased rollout was then introduced. This involved rolling-out the Intranet to various departments within the organisation to facilitate discussion and feedback on the solution. This feedback was noted and used to inform changes and updates to the solution, concluding in an organisation-wide rollout of the final solution.

Finally, employee training sessions for the new Intranet solution were hosted, enabling end-users to utilise the new solution to its maximum potential and in the best way to benefit the specific needs of their job role.


The Intranet enabled FCOS employees across various office locations and speaking various languages to communicate effectively. The Intranet’s inbuilt enterprise social networking capabilities, using tools such as Microsoft Yammer, enabled employees to stay connected via the corporate Yammer feed. Employees were enabled to connect across social media channels and create blogs and surveys, opening communication channels and fostering connectivity across the organisation’s departments and locations. The ability of the Intranet to work across all devices, without impacting the effect on the end user, ensured that all users could remain connected even when out of the office or travelling.

Using the targeted audience capabilities of SharePoint and Konsolute’s range of SharePoint Online components, the Intranet provided users with an employee centralised view. Feeding them with information connected to their projects or departments based on the sites and teams they participate in. The site structure encouraged the breakdown of silos across the organisation, allowing projects and interest groups to be found. Tailored information was made available to each user through a personalised Intranet home screen, engaging and immediately presenting users with relevant and interesting information. This resulted in reduced search time for daily activities and an overall more up-to-date workforce.
The fully tailorable Intranet design also enabled FCOS to maintain brand integrity and to present organisational values to their workforce. With a completely customisable design and features, the new Intranet was successfully tailored to reflect the key aims and vision of FCOS.

The SharePoint Online-based Intranet solution integrated seamlessly with the organisation’s existing Microsoft 365 tenancy, meaning employees could access familiar business applications via one centralised location. The structured and intuitive design reduced the confusion of working cross-platform, therefore simplifying the end-user experience.


Konsolute delivery a Modern Intranet Solution for the Accent Group built upon Microsoft 365

Case study

Accent Housing Group

Konsolute delivered a modern intranet solution for the Accent Group bridging the gap between frontline workers and the rest of the organisation, enabling workers in the field to access the relevant information from wherever they are.

Solution Summary

Accent Group are a housing association, managing homes for several local authorities across England and Wales. Accent Group manage over 20,000 homes spread over the North, East and South of England. They required a comprehensive Intranet solution to maintain open communication channels and collaboration, from any device. Konsolute worked with Accent Group to refresh their outdated Intranet which was built on a legacy SharePoint platform. Accent Group’s previous investments in Microsoft 365 licenses were used to deliver a modern Intranet solution.


Accent Group has a large mobile workforce, with over sixty percent of their employees working in the field. They therefore required an adaptive platform to support frontline workers, enabling them to access information securely and easily from wherever they are. They key requirements of the solution were enabling a disparate workforce on the move to find, harvest, and upload information easily from a range of devices. Accent Group also required a platform through which employees could easily communicate and connect with other employees breaking down the hierarchical barriers of communication. The organisation also required a platform on which all members of their workforce, regardless of location, could be kept updated with important company news and information. This was important to company branding, maintaining a cohesive brand and company culture for all workers.

  • Government
  • Housing Management
  • Property Management

Solution Strategy

Konsolute began with a series of requirement gathering and discovery workshops involving a variety of users and key stakeholders. Workshops were conducted to capture key personas, the key areas in which the business can improve and better utilise its Microsoft 365 capabilities. As a result of this process, a series of User Stories were identified, and their Acceptance Criteria agreed on. Key personas were also identified against the client’s requirements to gain a cross-sectional representation of the organisation. This enabled Konsolute to provide an accurate estimation of cost and effort for the project.

The project, informed by the above key personas and user stories, was then conducted using an agile methodology known as SCRUM. Konsolute designed wireframes, to establish the layout and structure of the new Intranet’s components. Then completed the requirement specification design, to document and agree on the functionality of the components supporting the Intranet solution. Konsolute then further consulted stakeholders in order to define “Sprint cycles”, ensuring that each stage of the process is implemented and immediately reviewed. This strategy also doubled as a roll-out strategy for the solution.

The initial Sprint Cycle focused on implementing the core Intranet components as well as its homepage. Subsequent sprints then involved the roll out of departmental sites.

We then conducted business change and readiness training sessions, in which we demonstrated key functionalities to each department and introduced training materials for further learning. We also established and maintained continued support throughout the extended roll-out and provided help for the organisation’s transition to Microsoft 365.


Utilising their modern Intranet solution, Accent Group colleagues were able to maintain a cohesive working environment through maintaining regular communication. The Intranet solution bridged the gap between frontline workers and the rest of the organisation, enabling workers in the field to access the relevant information from wherever they are, via the native SharePoint mobile app.

The easy-to-use search tool enabled employees to find corporate internal applications quickly for their immediate use. The Intranet service also opened communication channels between members of the workforce in disparate locations, streamlining communication and maintaining the open flow of information across the organisation.

The up-to-date, custom designed Intranet solution provided a new fresh environment which enabled Access Group to demonstrate their corporate brand and values to their organisation and workforce, reinforcing brand culture and cohesiveness.


Konsolute Complete a Successful Digital Transformation for DHSC

Case study

Konsolute Complete a Successful Digital Transformation for DHSC

Konsolute worked with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to complete a Digital Transformation of the organization's program of work.

Solution Summary

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) is a Government department responsible for government policy on health and social care matters in England. They are also involved in elements of the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive. They oversee the National Health Service (NHS), a subsidized medical and health service available for UK citizens. 

Konsolute worked with DHSC to complete a Digital Transformation of the organization’s program of work. Konsolute provided an in-depth analysis of DHSC’s data, to enable them to structure their data efficiently and find essential information quickly. Konsolute then consolidated all DHSC’s data onto a single platform to increase productivity and collaboration, providing a secure and compliant infrastructure, for DHSC’s 4,000 users.  


DHSC had a large mass of both structured and unstructured data, stored across various locations. Konsolute faced the challenge of analyzing and structuring around 50 terabytes of data, stored within repositories such as File Shares and SharePoint. Data was also stored within Access Databases, Excel macros and connected workbooks. A large proportion of this was legacy data. 

Analyzing and making sense of all the data was vital, as DHSC operate in a highly secure, trusted and essential sector. Konsolute placed great importance on thorough data analysis before deciding what to keep, archive and migrate on to DHSC’s new platform. 

  • Healthcare
  • Social Care
  • Kolumbus 
  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI

Solution Strategy

Konsolute began with a Cloud Strategy and Readiness assessment. This consisted of addressing security and compliance needs. Through Microsoft’s security and compliance features. Konsolute were able to systematically improve device management, Intune, sensitivity and retention labelling. 

Konsolute then used the discovery tool, Kolumbus, to provide insight into DHSC’s data, and the various repositories it was stored in. Kolumbus sifted through the unstructured and structured data, to analyze and understand its contents and potential complexities with migration.  

This detailed analysis was used to drive the migration path. The various data repositories were then consolidated to remediate issues. Work areas such as file share and SharePoint were sorted into organized structures, to be managed in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. 30TB of useful data was migrated, using Azure infrastructure to support complex applications.


Konsolute used Kolumbus to provide an in-depth analysis of the data. DHSC were able to make a quick, informed and decisive decisions regarding which data was important for migration. Konsolute were then able to streamline the organization on a unified Microsoft 365 platform. 

Microsoft Teams was utilized to enrich the organization’s ability to collaborate. The enhanced communication is showcased by the ‘Track and Trace’ feature. Microsoft Teams enabled DHSC to set up and collaborate quickly, responding to COVID-19 cases as an organization. The overall result was the creation of a secure and compliant, data-driven cloud infrastructure. This drastically aided business functionality and engagement within DHSC.  


Konsolute Complete a Successful Digital Transformation for Subsea 7

case study

Konsolute Complete a Successful Full Provisioning of Microsoft 365 for Subsea 7

Konsolute work with Subsea 7 to implement a full Microsoft 365 tenancy that allowed teams to work both online and remotely, as required by the client, remaining enhancing their collaborative abilities.

Solution Summary 

Subsea 7, a prominent organisation in the engineering, construction, and service Industry, required solutions to automate business processes, increase business engagement, and help connect their geographically distributed teams.  

Konsolute provisioned a rollout of Microsoft 365 through a series of pilots, using workshops with stakeholder to gather information from which to create a strategic roadmap for the implementation of Microsoft 365 capabilities across the organisation, providing bespoke information architecture, governance, and security procedures. 

Konsolute delivered a phased rollout that reduced business impact and resulted in a more cohesive organisation, increased user engagement, and, ultimately, an increase in productivity.  


Subsea 7 required an enhanced working system with the main purpose of increasing collaborative working and connectivity between geographically disparate teams. Due to many of these teams working remotely in vessels, offline synchronisation capabilities were a key requirement of the organisation. 

Subsea 7’s existing system consisted of multiple collaborative environments across various systems, causing confusion when working across teams or projects, resulting in wasted time and effort. These disparate working systems lead to a lack of organisation-wide accessibility to key information, constituting a significant obstruction to information sharing and collaboration. This informed a main aim of Konsolute’s work with the organisation: to improve connection and collaboration ease and efficiency.  

The client also lacked automation of their business processing, further hampering the efficiency of the workforce at large. Subsea 7 accordingly required a full overhaul existing manual business processes, replacing them entirely with new systems and features to enable automation. This transition had to be completed in such a way that ongoing business processes were not interrupted by the work being done by Konsolute.  

Subsea 7 were also lacking business engagement in their organisation as well as adoption and change managementand therefore carried the significant risk of losing the advantages of technological improvements to the business. Konsolute were therefore required to work closely with the organisation, its stakeholders, and certain members of the workforce in order to ensure that all updates to the business processes that were implemented could be adopted and utilised to the full.  

"Konsolute were very professional and took special interest in how the organization is run today. From there, we have managed to map out and produce a plan for deployment of the M365 toolsets that is flexible to accommodate the changing needs of the business. They have worked as a partner and helped to remove issues when they arose. Great effort and fantastic company to work with."

- Subsea 7 Cloud Solutions Manager

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft EMS
  • Intune 

Solution Strategy  

Konsolute proposed to the client a full roll-out of Microsoft 365 across the organisation through a series of pilot rounds. Pilots were employed in order to gauge the organisation’s response to the strategies and implementation process undertaken by KonsoluteThe preliminary strategy implemented by Konsolute in this regard was to run workshops with Subsea 7 stakeholders across the client’s various office locations located around the world. These workshops were held in order to gather both qualitative and quantitative data regarding the client’s requirements for their Microsoft 365 journey.  

The output gathered from the requirements workshops were analysed and mapped, from which a strategic roadmap for the overall Microsoft 365 rollout was defined. A phased rollout was then implemented according to the strategic roadmap. The phases of the rollout were defined in order to ensure that the implementation process did not interrupt the client’s ongoing business process.  

Konsolute proceeded to help Subsea 7 establish an Adoption and Change Management practice according to the Microsoft Change Management Framework through a series of pilots. These pilots were intended to pare the client to fully adopt their new Microsoft 365 capabilities, embracing the services and using them in their day-to-day practices. The Adoption and Change Management training involved working with the Shareholders of Subsea 7, conducting scenarios and awareness workshops in order to boost the competency and responsiveness to Microsoft 365 benefits within the organisation.  

Konsolute implemented and undertook an entire organisational migration of the organisation onto the new Microsoft 365 cloud tenancy. Pilot users were migrated on a rolling basis according to business priority. The migration process followed the bespoke Information Architecture developed by Konsolute for the clientThis worked alongside a tailored Governance systemensuring that the client’s new technology continues to work well within the organisation. Throughout the migration process, Konsolute adhered to a comprehensive Security management plan, implementing compliance procedures and barriers on sensitive data according to the organisation’s requirements.  


As a result of their collaboration with Konsolute, Subsea 7 were left with a cohesive organisation, with all teams and locations connected through Microsoft 365 and cloud capabilities. Konsolute implemented a full Microsoft 365 tenancy that allowed teams to work both online and remotely, as required by the client, remaining enhancing their collaborative abilities. Konsolute conducted a series of workshops and pilots followed by a phased rollout in order to tailor the process to stakeholders’ requirements and reduce the impact to existing business processes. Konsolute’s focus on Adoption and Change management resulted in more engaged and aware users, prepared to uptake the new technologies upon implementation. Overall, the migration and implementation of Microsoft 365 by Konsolute resulted in a distinct increase in productivity in Subsea 7 as an organisation.  

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Virtual Academy

virtual academy

Learning about Microsoft 365 products, services and features can be made easy using Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy is a Learning Management System (LMS) which is user friendly with the idea of making training and informing your organisation about Microsoft 365 products easy and accessible, tailoring to all your organisation’s needs, to give you the best possible training experience when educating your workforce.

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Learn about Microsoft 365


Virtual Academy provides a well-proven structural foundation enabling organisations to maximise their benefit from products and features that Microsoft 365 provides.


Virtual Academy has proven to increase user engagement, satisfaction and adoption of Microsoft 365 products and services.

The importance of a learning management platform

With the ever-changing Microsoft 365 platform it is important to ensure that your workforce is utilising and maximising the benefits of the your Microsoft 365 platform.

Prefer to learn online at their own pace or instructor led 93%
Would like to access learning information from corporate and personal devices 72%
Would like an enterprise social aspect to learning 66%
Would like content generated specific to their role 57%

Known to increase knowledge retention

Known to increase productivity

Known to increase end-user adoption

Learning about Microsoft 365
Your Virtual Academy

Centralising Information

The centralised portal has made communicating the latest information easier than ever, by providing a central communications platform that is able to be tailored to how your organisation is structured, to what target information is needed for different people in different departments, to resources regarding new changes such as Microsoft 365 training and products relating to user viewing content.

Community and Collaboration

Ever had pressing questions about a specific Microsoft 365 product you really needed to ask but nobody can answer it immediately in your company? With the Virtual Academy, your question will be guaranteed to be answered. Being able to post a question to the community will allow anybody to answer it at anytime and anywhere or even collaborating and interacting with peers to get those pressing question answered.

Self-paced learning

Learning at your own pace

Learning anything new can be daunting from someone explaining things to quickly, to not understanding the new concepts of Microsoft 365 products. Virtual Academy can solve these common problems by providing all the material you need to get up-to-speed in one place, with information relating to how Microsoft 365 products are used in your role effectively and how it can change the way the user works, which can all be read at your own time and pleasure at anywhere; at any time.

Everybody Needs a Mentor

Everybody needs to be lead in the right direction when learning anything, to maintain relevancy in your learning journey.
Learning Administrators can take charge of the platform by providing the right learning material and extra resources to better your learning experience of Microsoft 365, even the recommended order the user should read all the resources in, to ensure an optimal learning experience.


Virtual Academy is personalised to your learning experience, providing training specifics to your role as well as new features and services that can help you with your role.


Keeping you in sync with the latest changes

Through our Automatic Push Notification we will provide the latest updates and changes to Virtual Academy to make sure that your organisation can adjust to those changes with ease and provide new training material to better optimise the new changes of Microsoft 365 products to your organisation's work and communication efficiency. Virtual Academy is also able to consistently provide the latest information about products, features and services of Microsoft 365 in accordance with your organisation.

Feature Summary

Microsoft 365 integration

Virtual Academy can be seamlessly integrated to your current in-house training


We'll automatically push updates to your learning platform, so you'll always have the latest training materials


Relate to your persona and find out about training specific to your role as well as new features and services


Fully customisable interface to show relevant training material for available products and services

Central communication platform which is tailored for your organisation's needs and requirements

Self-paced learning

Self-paced Learning Portal enables you to learn about the products and their associated features


Users can collaborate and interact with their peers or reach out to the community if they have any questions

Admin Centre

Learning Administrators can define learning modules and paths based upon user’s roles and functions

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Welcome Onboard! Revolutionise your organisation's new hire joining experience

Onboard is a revolutionary new hire onboarding platform built for organisations consuming Microsoft 365. Onboard allows you to define your organisation’s onboarding experience and further refine this by allowing hiring managers and departments to create specific onboarding experiences. Onboard’s easy, intuitive and highly configurable interface allows new hires to go through your organisation’s introductory videos, policies and procedures, links, recommended communities (Microsoft Teams, Yammer and SharePoint) based upon your skills and interests.

Yacht uai

The importance of onboarding your new hire successfully

New hires that have quit their role because of lack of/serious issues during an onboarding process

Issues during the onboarding process can lead to your new hire leaving the organisation

New hires think that their employer did a poor job with the onboarding process

A bad onboarding experience for a new hire can adversely affect an new hires moral and experience

New hires felt that they would have settled into a role quicker if there had been a better onboarding process

A bad or lack of onboarding experience can lead to a loss of productivity and performance

New Office
Your new office

Welcome Onboard

Kick-start your new hire's journey the right way. Onboard enables you to customise your onboarding experience by tailoring your processes around your new hire. Ensure that your new hire understands your corporation's vision and you and your new hire remain compliant by adhering to regulatory requirements by completing mandatory training and compliance videos, links and documents.

Discover your organisation

Joining a new organisation can be daunting. Onboard mitigates these woes by enabling you, as an organisation, to introduce your new hire to the relevant people and communities (Yammer, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams). Hiring departments, can further suggest communities that new hire should join. Hiring managers can refine this by suggesting their own communities. Onboard intelligently recommends and suggest communities based your profile information such as role, skills, interests and their location.

Built for your Microsoft 365

Onboard is built from the ground up specifically for the Microsoft 365 platform. It leverages features such as SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Delve to provide your organisation and new hires with a seamless integrated experience.

It's all about you

Tailored onboard experience, just for you

With Onboard it's all about your new hire! Onboard allows you to tailor onboarding experience specific to your organisation, business unit or department. The experience can be further enriched by the hiring manager, enabling them to recommend and suggest communities, documents and links.

Unified onboarding experience

You're hiring managers are most likely going to have a better understanding of your new hire's role. Onboard enables your hiring managers to further enhance your new hire's onboarding experience by tailoring it to the role they'll be performing. Utilise your hiring managers knowledge and expertise to suggest, recommend and introduce your new hire to the organisation.

Hello, I'm new

It can be an overwhelming experience starting at a new organisation, Who is who in the organisation?, Which communities can I or should I join? Where can I get help? Onboard mitigates these issues by intelligently recommending and connecting you with knowledge, resources and your communities.

About You
Productivity & Integration

Intelligent Recommendation & Suggestion of Communities

An organisation with a thriving community can consist of thousands of communities created within Yammer, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Discovering these communities can either be by pot luck or through the knowledge of your colleagues. Onboard enables your organisation, hiring business unit/department as well as the hiring manager to recommend and suggest communities. Onboard also uses your information within Delve such as your skills and interests to further enhance the recommended communities. Onboard currently supports Microsoft Teams, Yammer and SharePoint sites.

Your portal

Onboard's portal is crafted and orientated around your new hire. It provides your new hire with a dashboard of activities such as their onboarding experience, recommended communities. Content authors can freely publish information directly to the portal such as news articles, announcements and places to grab some lunch based upon your locality.

Administration & Control

Administrative Interface

Onboard intuitive administrative interface gives you complete control your onboarding experience. Manage your users by defining their access and permissions. Administrators and their delegated users can use the onboard template wizard creation process where you can to define your entire onboarding experience.


Visualise your statistic for your organisation's onboarding process. See how many new hires have completed their onboarding, measure the level of engaged and interact activity. Run customised reports and make the necessary operational changes.

Admin 1


We’re confident that you’ll love our products so you can try all our features free for 15 days without any commitment of obligations. If you like the product, simply pay for what you need (when you need it).

Dedicated Support

Our friendly dedicated support team will assist you with any queries you may have. Whether you're an existing customer or you’re just getting started, you can count on our comprehensive resources and award-winning support.

Always up-to-date

We're committed to ensure that you're always receiving the latest updates and patches. Our products compliment the Microsoft 365 platform and we strive to keep inline with their strategy and roadmap.


15days free trial


£119/per month

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The complete Governance, Lifecycle Management and Automation tool for your Microsoft 365

Let Reflekt manage everything from directing your users to the right tool of choice, guiding them through the initial creation via Reflekt’s intuitive wizard. Reflekt’s intelligent recommendation engine suggests Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online Sites and 365 Groups that may interest the users, reducing site sprawl, duplications and empowering your workforce to collaborate and engage with their peers. Create and introduce templates to your organisation to promote reuse, share knowledge, create consistency, adhere to regulatory requirements and to give your users a head-start!

MS AppSource 1
Microsoft 365 Governance

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 products and services in your organisation whilst knowing that Reflekt is in complete control

Establish cross-functional, enterprise-level governance and simplify the transaction between your workforce and the enterprise. Reflekt enables you to foster greater engagement and drive more productivity

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Use Reflekt to govern all aspects of your Microsoft Teams

Microsoft SharePoint Logo

SharePoint Online

Use Reflekt to govern all aspects of your SharePoint sites

Microsoft Project Logo

Microsoft Project

Use Reflekt to govern all aspects of your project lifecycle

Seamlessly integrates within Microsoft Teams

Automate, Template, Govern, Manage and remain compliant directly within the Microsoft Teams. Simply install the application directly into Microsoft Teams by clicking on the download button below.

Download in Teams


Reflekt’s key strength lies in its ability to help govern your Microsoft 365 tenancy. Although this may sound complicated, Reflekt ensures that all the information created and saved across your organisation’s Microsoft 365 system is standardised and consistent; created in the same way, held in the appropriate place, and kept for the right amount of time in accordance with your organisational requirements.


Use Templates to automate the provisioning / creation of your Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and 365 Groups. Reflekt enables you to delegate the responsibilities of approval to individuals or groups within your organisation based upon templates being chosen.

Lifecycle management

Let Reflekt manage everything from directing your users to the right tool of choice, guiding them through the initial creation, discovering Microsoft Teams, sites and groups that that may be of interested in as well as utilising pre-defined organisational templates to get them to the right start!

More info
  • Questionnaire to guide your users to the right tool of choice
  • Get started with a diverse range of predefined Templates
  • Promote reuse / collaboration by introducing custom Templates
  • Promote transparency through intelligence discoverability
  • Associate your creation with your organisational taxonomies
  • Reduce site sprawl by duplication check, intelligent discoverability and suggestions
  • Associate compliance requirements into your templates such as Sensitivity and Retention labels

Define and reuse templates across your organisation

Create and introduce Templates to your organisation across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups. Give your workforce a head-start by pre-defining Templates and creating consistency. Define once and reuse multiple times across your organisation.

Define your compliance requirements into your Template

Reflekt supports Sensitivity and Retention labelling, allowing you to associate chosen labels to templates. When linked to a sensitivity label, this means that 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Sites created with the given template are automatically configured based on their level of confidentiality, determining which members of the organisation can access them.

Granular Template management

Reflekt gives you granular control over your Templates allowing you to fully configure your templates in accordance to your organisational requirements. Define / reuse your organisations information architecture, create consistency and promote standardisation across your applications.

More Info
  • Get started with our prebuilt templates
  • Promote reuse / collaboration by introducing your custom organisational templates
  • Associate your template with your organisation taxonomies to promote discoverability
  • Use the Template builder to quickly clone existing Teams
  • Associate Sensitivity and Retention Labels to Templates
  • Define Channels
  • Define Tabs
  • Define List & Libraries
  • Advanced Template configurator enables you to define all aspects of your template such as, theme, navigation, SharePoint fields, SharePoint Content Types, SharePoint pages, SharePoint webparts, Installation of add-ins / SPFx components
  • Integrate with business processes

Drive your workforce to the right tool

With the ever expanding array of product and services available within Microsoft 365 it can be incredibly confusing for your workforce and can result in a loss of productivity.  Questions such as when or how do I create something based upon my requirements? Is this best tool for my choice? Reflekt's intuitive fully customisable questionnaire recommends and suggests the right tool for your answered questions.

Find you perfect match

On average, workers spend 41.8 hours searching. Let your focus on the task at hand and allow Reflekt's intelligent recommendation engine which uses a number of signals to recommend and suggest Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups to your users.

More Info
  • Intuitive wizard guides you through the creation process
  • Reflekt's Intelligent discovery suggest Teams, Sites and Groups based upon your criteria
  • Questionnaire weighting ensure that your users are directed to the right tool of choice
  • Reflekt intelligently suggest Templates

Define your validation criteria

Reflekt gives you complete control over fine-tuning your Microsoft 365 platform. Define your naming convention, introduce the ability define prefixes and suffixes, enforce minimum and maximum limits on controls such as name, description, owners, members and tags.

Duplication check & prevent site sprawl

Reflekt prevents duplications and site sprawl by querying existing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and Groups and notifies the users of the clash. Reflekt also suggests and recommends sites, Teams and groups based upon the criteria.

Delegate approval requests

Empower your organisations by delegating the responsibility of approval. Allow your organisation to control the flow of sites, Teams and groups created.

  • Intuitive wizard guides you through the creation process
  • Reflekt's Intelligent discovery suggest Teams, Sites and Groups based upon your criteria
  • Questionnaire weighting ensure that your users are directed to the right tool of choice
  • Reflekt intelligently suggest Templates

Download Reflekt Product Information