Security and Compliance

Manage cybersecurity and compliance effectively across your evolving digital landscape

We understand the importance cyber, regulatory, operational, and financial threats to your organisation. Our accredited security specialists remove the complexities of securing your cloud platform and ensuring that you have the right level of controls based upon your organisational requirements, maturity and culture.

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Securing your investment on the Microsoft Cloud

An exponential increase in the number of connected devices albeit corporate or personal, remote workers and a cultural shift in the security ecosystem that may not be widely understood or recognised by your workforce, may potentially put your organisation at risk. Who, what and how can devices, users, partners, vendors access your environments. Security is not just risk management or an IT issue, but instead a core business enabler

Increase in the number of threats on Microsoft 365 over the last two years

Increase in the amount of files deemed sensitive data stored on the Microsoft Cloud (Year-on-Year)

Increase in sharing sensitive data with an open, publicly accessible link over the past two years

Compliance and beyond

In the cloud era, the challenge is not only protecting this sensitive information against internal and external threats, but also retaining the same compliance policy enforcement that enterprises have for on-premises applications. With just a few clicks, an employee can share an entire folder containing sensitive data with another user within the company (or outside the company) in violation of a compliance regulations


Unclassified data

Corporate data that is “dark” – it is not classified, protected or governed


Insider threat

Organisations that have experienced insider attacks in the last 12 months



Updates per day from over 1000 regulatory bodies worldwide

Our Cloud Security and Compliance Offerings

We’ll love to discuss how we can help you with securing your investment on the cloud. We make it easy, quick and manageable to sort through all the jargon and focus on what if organisations needs are being met and how to specifically target what your organisation requires to take it to the next level


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Security and compliance in any organisation are vital factors in how their data and files are protected. Cloud security and more specific compliance needs are becoming more concurrent to the market. We provide you with a complete assessment of what your organisation needs for its security and compliance needs. We will capture your organisation’s security and compliance requirements such as your usage scenarios, your risk appetite and your organisation’s devices to recommend a high-level security and compliance roadmap.

  • Analysis of your existing Office 365 and Azure configuration, if applicable
  • Overview of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSS) and HMG Cyber Security recommendations
  • Review of your InfoSec policies
  • Analysis of your user access scenarios, device access scenarios, organisational risk appetite
  • Azure AD Conditional Access design and implement
  • Microsoft Intune MDM
  • Microsoft Intune App Protection (BYO)
  • Unified Sensitivity labeling
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)