Cloud Strategy and Readiness

Let us guide you on your journey to the cloud and beyond

We make sure to define a solid foundation by ensuring that your organisation is cloud compatible, whether you’re already embracing the cloud or looking to adopt the cloud or wondering what the cloud can do for you or having a bumpy ride on the cloud, we are here to help

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Reasons why some organisations have not been successful at adopting the cloud

lack understanding of cloud security and compliance

lack clearly identified business objectives for transitioning to the cloud

lack a roadmap or planning for transitioning to the cloud

...It's not all doomed for failure. Organisation who have successfully embraced the cloud are reaping the benefits

Have experienced business acceleration from their use of cloud services 87%
Feel that they are more agile with executing their strategy 50%
Have seen their organisation collaborating more efficiently and effectively 48%
Have seen increased productivity with their workforce 46%
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Our expertise

We have extensive experience and knowledge of helping clients to successfully adopt the Microsoft cloud. Irrespective of the size and complexity of your organisation, we will assist and guide you through the process. Our expert team can help you define your business preparedness plan, define your information governance, information architecture and information security for Microsoft 365 and Azure, which is vital to your organization's cloud strategy.

We will show you, in a concise and perceptible way, whether and how you can benefit from the Microsoft 365 platform and what specific challenges your business may face in the process of implementation and subsequent migration to the cloud. Additional requirements related to the integration of cloud services in terms of data residency, data protection legislation and other relevant industry regulations will be considered and discussed with you.

Health checks / Readiness Assessments

Whether you're an organisation who is already embracing the cloud or looking to adopt the cloud. Our Cloud Readiness assessments, we'll observe and evaluate fundamental organisational, procedural and technical circumstances for your organisation.

Our assessments starts from a free no-obligation, commitment-free consultation with one of our expert readiness team members. We will answer any questions you may have and inform you of the best approach and suggested next steps for you to embrace your cloud platform. We'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can potentially help.

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Expert of Microsoft 365
Adoption and Business Change

We'll help you to maximise your investment in Microsoft 365. Your workforce is a primary enabler for your organisation to realise the benefits from Microsoft 365. We'll work with you to create and implement a business change strategy that works specifically tailored for your organisation.

Our unique personas, workforce centric methodologies infused with Prosci methodologies have allowed us to successfully support organisations rolling out Microsoft 365. Our products such as Virtual Academy and Reflekt have shown to increase end-user adoption and end-user satisfaction.

Our Cloud Readiness Offerings

Let us guide you on the journey to the cloud. Whether you are a business already on the cloud or an organisation looking to adopt the cloud. We make it easy, quick and manageable to sort through all the jargon and focus on what if organisations needs are being met and how to specifically target what your organisation requires to take it to the next level


  • Free no-obligation phone call, or if you're in London, pop into our office for some coffee (...and maybe a few biscuits)
  • Whether you're already on your cloud journey, starting your cloud journey or having a bumpy ride, we're here to help

Our cloud readiness experts will work with you to understand your organisation’s requirements from Information architecture, Information governance and Information security. Our cloud readiness assessment will detail the necessary steps required for you to adopt the cloud successfully and realise the benefits of the cloud

  • We'll work with your stakeholders to understand your organisation's requirements
  • Whether you're already on your cloud journey, starting your cloud journey or having a bumpy ride, we're here to help
  • We'll provide you with options and details of the recommended next steps

Security and compliance in any organisation is a vital factor in how their data and files are protected. Cloud security and more specific compliance needs are becoming more concurrent to the market. We provide you with a complete assessment of what your organisation needs for its security and compliance needs. We will capture your organisation’s security and compliance requirements such as your usage scenarios, your risk appetitie and your organisation’s devices to recommended a high-level security and compliance roadmap.

  • Analysis of your existing Office 365 and Azure configuration, if applicable
  • Overview of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSS) recommendations
  • Review of your InfoSec policies
  • Analysis of your user access scenarios, device access scenarios, organisational risk appetite
  • Azure AD Conditional Access design and implement
  • Microsoft Intune MDM
  • Microsoft Intune App Protection (BYO)
  • Unified Sensitivity labelling
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

As essential and the most overlooked aspect when delivering solutions across the organisation. We recognise that driving adoption comes from the understanding of the organisational business challenges and addressing these with the most appropriate technology. Ensuring that users across the organisation understand the benefits and embrace the technology is key to a successful roll-out.

  • Prosci® certified will work with you to assess your organisational requirements
  • Persona driven methodologies capturing motivations, preferences, biases, needs, wants, desires