ISO Certified Quality Management System

Record, Manage, Audit and Track against your Standards on Microsoft 365

Manage your organisation’s compliance and regulatory requirements in one place and through Microsoft 365. ISO Quality Management System (QMS) enables your organisation to record, manage, track, manage risk and audit against your regulatory requirements.

ISO Certified QMS

QMS Features

Certificates / Standards Checklist

Record, manage, track, audit and demonstrate your conformity of your regulatory requirements / Standards using the QMS Checklist application

Documents Management

Control’s the lifecycle of documents in your organisation, how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained

Dashboarding and Reporting

The QMS dashboard can be used by quality managers and document controllers to provide a holistic view of their organisational records

Auditing and Compliance

Generate audit and conformity reports to demonstrate how these Standards and their clauses met their regulatory requirements

Integrated with Microsoft 365

The QMS system leverages platform features such as the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate) and Planner to streamline processes

Ready from the get Go with the latest Standards

Our QMS comes preloaded with the latest common popular ISO Standards. If you have specific Standards, you can simply add them into the system.

ISO 27001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 9001

Custom Standard

Manage your Standards all in one place on the unified Microsoft 365 platform

QMS is built upon the robust Microsoft 365 Platform to create a compelling, connected and seamless experience harnessed through Security and Compliance features such as Sensitivity and Retention labelling to protect and govern your information.

Checklist Standards

The QMS Checklist application enables you to manage your ISO Standards as well as custom Standards and the associated Action Plans.


An ISO Standard or a custom Standard can consist of multiple of Clauses. Clauses represent an obligatory requirement that an organisation needs to demonstrate. QMS comes preloaded with ISO Clauses associated to Standards, you can also define your own custom Clauses.

Action Plans

QMS enables you to create and associate an Action Plan with a Clause. Define an owner, objective and category for your plan.

  • Preloaded with ISO Standards
  • Create your custom Standard
  • Create and manage your Clauses
  • Create and manage your Action Plans


Assign tasks in accordance with business area, risk level, next review date, security classification and document status- we know accountability is a key when it comes to effective the deployment of your compliance checklist 

Microsoft Planner Integration

Challenges and delays caused by location and time zone difference are a thing of the past. With full Microsoft Planner integration, your QMS can be viewed securely on the 365 platform through any device.


Create your own certification, clauses, tasks and actions with your preference of metadata. Categorise your clauses according to risk level and due date.  

More Info

  • Assign plans to individuals and departments remotely through Microsoft Planner. Define your plans by department and category ie. Improvements. 
  • Our red, amber and green tabs visualise conformance state of clauses. Easily see if your tasks are >50%, 51-99% or 100% complete. 
  • Automatically notify users and groups within your organisation of scheduled review dates based upon the criticality and sensitivity of your documents. 

Record and maintain

The quality management system audits and logs important events whenever there is an input required from an end-user. Audit logs are recorded anmaintained to ensure that they adhere to your regulatory requirements. 

Secure storage

Service administrators, quality managers should be confident that all activities within the system are recorded and kept safe.

Report ready

When you are required to submit files and evidence to external auditors, QMS Executive has complete reports packaged up and ready to go.  

More Info

  • Use the dashboard to monitor your QMS lifecycle and implement organisational changes. 
  • Quickly spot trends in your data and take action  
  • Address how and why documents are rejected 
  • Get visualisations of your data and assess your compliance in a holistic way 
  • Documents are automatically sorted in terms of urgency and severity for efficiency in your dashboard. 

Third party contribution

Keep the lifecycle of your QMS going. QMS can be integrated with third party systems, in the past we have seen the National Archive supporting key metadata such as the Dublin Core specification. 

Automate archiving

Your platform will automatically archive and dispose of files based upon your organisation's requirements. 

  • Strive for continuous improvement by allowing the experts to review and maintain tasks and actions. 
  •   Ensure that your organisation always maintains the latest published single truth of the document. 
  • Build your reputation within your sector and with your stakeholders by showing that you are following the regulations and continually tracking and developing business processes. 

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  • Task management manage your tasks within Microsoft Planner
  • Unlimited updates for Certificates / Standards


£300/per month
  • Including QMS Lite features
  • ISO 9001 Certified Document management System
  • Automation manage & maintain quality of your documents
  • Auditing automatically log system / user generated events
  • Reporting oversee your organisational data

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