Visualise organisational data with Kolumbus

Struggling to find and understand your organisational data? Kolumbus allows you to visualise and analyse the data your organisation creates, using data insights to make informed business decisions.

New technologies have eased the burden of creating mass amounts of data, through increasing the velocity at which data streams in from multiple channels. Big data now drives most modern businesses. Often, organisations’ methods of organising and filing big datasets cannot keep up with the mass influx.


90% of data created is defined as unstructured data!   

The inability to make sense of your data could be stifling your organisation’s opportunities, competitiveness, revenue and growth.   

Kolumbus supports the following programmes:  

Discover, visualise and analyse your structured and unstructured data with Kolumbus. Kolumbus uses natural language processors (NLP) to understand the semantic context of your data. Its hyper-intuitive cognitive capabilities intelligently extract keywords which accurately describe the content of the data. Allowing you to easily understand the data being created within your organisation.

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SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

File shares

File Shares & Network Drives

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Data migration

Before attempting data migration, it’s important to follow the process of selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data. In order to select data and perform data cleaning, you must understand the data you’re attempting to move across.

Use Kolumbus to answer key questions to help you identify which data it will be beneficial to migrate. This enables you to archive and dispose of irrelevant data clogging up your system. The de-cluttered new system will improve operational efficiency.

Generate taxonomies

Data taxonomy is the classification of data into categories and subcategories. Data taxonomies provide a unified view of the data in an organization, introducing common terminologies and semantics across multiple systems. Kolumbus automatically identifies taxonomies which you can use as part of your information architecture to structure your data.

Data Insights

Get a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s data. Kolumbus allows you to gather all your data on the centralised dashboard. Use the dashboard to navigate, define and query unstructured data. Use the tool’s advanced analytics to find insights. With Kolumbus, the constant stream of data flowing through your organisational processes can be harnessed to discover new business opportunities.


Compliance and Security Management

Kolumbus uses intelligent language processors to identify content which may not be compliant with your organisation’s policies and procedures. This provides a real-time insight into how your compliance program fares against the obligations relevant to your business, industry and the jurisdictions you operate in.   

Use Kolumbus’ keyword finder to identify key information and respond to regulatory requests such as GDPR. Our data-driven approach will provide you with confidence you’ve got the right programs in place. Our secure software compliments Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre and Azure Information Protection.  

Secure Data Protection

Taxonomies add structure to your data and allow you to implement information protection policies. Security features on Kolumbus allow you to label sensitive content. This prevents highly sensitive data being downloaded in bulk or getting into the wrong hands. 

Training data models



Kolumbus's dashboard makes use of Microsoft's Power BI data visualisation tools, providing you with a powerful toolset with which to define and query your data set. The dashboard can be easily integrated within your organisation with other Microsoft 365 products and services.

Trainable data models

Kolumbus’ out-of-the-box model can already recognise generic categories within your organisation’s data. The product can then be further trained to recognise your organisation’s content and extract quality keywords from the data.   

What has Kolumbus been used for?

Kolumbus has been used to improve operational efficiencies, respond to regulatory and compliance requests, identify insider threats and aid migration strategy. Kolumbus is also useful in enhancing productivity at work. When your data is structured, the possibilities are endless.  

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