Set sail on a voyage to discover your organisational data. Discover, visualise and analyse how and what your organisation is creating and use the data insights to make informed business decisions.

Visualise your organisation’s structured and unstructured data. Kolumbus uses language processors to understand the semantic context of your data and its hyper-intuitive cognitive capabilities intelligently extracts keywords which accurately describe the content, allowing you to understand the data which is being created within your organisation. Kolumbus has the extensive capability to generate taxonomies and can identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies.

data discovery

Did you know that as much as 90% percent of that data created is defined as unstructured data?

The inability to make sense of your data could be stifling your organisation’s opportunities, competitiveness, revenue and growth

Kolumbus supports the following repositories

Kolumbus supports numerous data repositories and those supporting the OpenText standard

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Microsoft SharePoint Logo

SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

File shares

File Shares & Network Drives

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Data migration

Before attempting any data migration, it is important to understand the data you are intending on migrating. Use Kolumbus to answer key questions and identify data that you need to migrate across and archive and dispose of data that is no longer required.

Generate taxonomies

Taxonomies enable you to categories unstructured data based upon the hierarchical classification of entities of interest of your organisations. Kolumbus automatically identifies taxonomies which you can use as part of your information architecture to improve discoverability, implement intelligent information protection policies and add structure to your data.

Data Insights

Zoom out and visualise your organisation's data. Use Kolumbus to visualise your data and use analytics to find insights and pursue new business opportunities effectively. Use the data flowing through your organisational processes to enable decisions at the edge of an enterprise.


Remain compliant

Use Kolumbus to identify information or respond to regulatory requests such as GDPR. Kolumbus uses intelligent language processors to identify content which may not be compliant in accordance to your organisation's policies and procedures. Kolumbus compliments Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre and Azure Information Protection.


Use enhanced capability of Kolumbus to discover information within your organisation. Utilise your organisation's taxonomies to enrich the discovery process to further refine and narrow down your query. Use the dashboard to navigate, define and query the unstructured data.

Training data models



Kolumbus's dashboard utilises Microsoft's Power BI to provide you with a powerful toolset that you can use to define and query your data set. Power BI dashboard can easily be integrated within your organisation with other Microsoft 365 products and services.

Train data models

Train Kolumbus to recognise your organisation's content and improve the quality of keywords that are extracted. Kolumbus can use your existing taxonomies or use the out of the box model to recognise generic categories.

What our customers are using Kolumbus for

Our customers have used Kolumbus for numerous use cases such, using the data to make operational efficiencies, respond to regulatory and compliance requests, identify insider threats, identify and define migration strategies. The possibilities are endless…

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