Admin Centre - Tags

Tags in Reflekt help to recommend existing teams which may have the same or similar purpose as what the user would want to create, this will reduce duplication and will help with finding information more efficiently in your organisation.

An user with the administrator role will need to be added in Reflekt and used when following the instructions.

When Reflekt application has loaded click on Manage > Administration Centre on the welcome screen

Select Settings > Teams from menu

Specify the minimum and maximum amount of tags which a user can select going through the request process.

NOTE: If minimum value is more than 0 please ensure that at least one term set is enabled in the next section as users will not be able to select any tags when going through the Reflekt request process.

Through term set management settings, tags can be configured so users are only able to choose tags from certain term sets which have been enabled.

Please note: To add a new term group and term set to the list of tags which users can choose from, Reflekt administrators will need to get in touch with the SharePoint administrators who will be able to access and edit the term store in SharePoint

Select the term group which will contain the tags you wish users to use

Enable or Disable term sets you with to make available by clicking the toggle button