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Important information about consent: You affirmatively consent to the use of cookies on our website (“Site”) or other services provided through the Site accordance with this ”Cookies Policy” by accepting the placement of cookies as described in the bar at the top of the page when you first entered the Site. Some of the cookies we use (operationally necessary cookies, functionality cookies, and performance cookies) are exempted from the requirement to obtain your consent. Therefore we only ask your consent for those cookies that are not exempted. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting all cookies on your devices and / or by changing the cookie settings of your browser or device. Please note however, that some parts of our Site will not function correctly if you disable cookies.

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What is this Cookies Policy?
This Cookies Policy sets out how Konsolute and third parties we authorise, use cookies when you interact with our Site or the services offered via the Site. Please note that this Cookies Policy is part of our Privacy Policy and should be read along with the Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains what we do (and don’t do) with the information, including any personal data, we may collect about you. Please read them both.

What are cookies?
Cookies are unique identifiers, usually made up of small bits of text or code. Cookies are usually stored on your device or in your web browser and they send certain information back to the party who served the cookie. When we say “cookies” we are actually referring to a broader range of technologies than just cookies (including web beacons, clear gifs, pixels and other similar technologies). When we say “first-party cookies” we mean cookies that are served by Konsolute. When we say “third-party cookies” we mean cookies that are served by non-Konsolute parties.

How are cookies used?
Cookies are used in order to better understand how applications and websites work and to optimise online and mobile experiences. Cookies do this by allowing the party serving the cookie to analyse a website’s performance, to identify certain users anonymously and remember their preferences, to better understand whether a computer or device (and probably its user) has visited a website previously and to serve personalised advertisements.

What kinds of cookies are used on the Site?
Our Site primarily uses (or we aim to be using in the near future) the following four types of cookies:

Operationally Necessary Cookies
These cookies are essential for the operation of our Site. They make it possible for you to browse and use our Site. If you disable these cookies, the Site will not function correctly.

Performance Cookies
These cookies gather information about how visitors use the Site and monitor Site performance. For example, performance cookies tell us which pages are popular, monitor traffic to our Site and compile anonymous analytic information. Performance cookies can also be used to identify and remedy operational problems with the Site.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies are used to recognise and remember your preferences.

Advertising Cookies
We may allow third parties to deliver personalised advertising content on our Site and/or on third party websites and applications. These third parties use cookies to understand your interest in the advertisements and content delivered to you, as well as to serve you with more relevant advertisements based on your activities on our Site. For example, third-party cookies could record information about whether you have clicked on certain content or advertisements on our Site or other websites, or placed an item on our Site in your shopping cart.

We do not have control over, or access to, third-party advertising cookies or the information they contain. Third parties manage any information that they collect via cookies they place in accordance with their privacy policies.

You can opt-out of third-party personalised advertising cookies (but please note you will still be served online advertisements). To learn more or to opt-out of the use of such third-party personalised advertising cookies in the EU, please visit

How else can I avoid cookies?
You may be able to avoid certain cookies by configuring your browser settings or opting-out directly with the party that operates and controls the cookie. Please check your browser settings for more information. However, please note that, as we say above, disabling certain cookies will prevent our Site working properly.

Are there cookies in emails?
Our emails may contain cookies that track whether you open our emails and whether you click any links within them. The cookies used in our emails to monitor these behaviours are unique to each email and are not stored on your computer or mobile device.

What if I have questions?
If after reading this Cookies Policy you have any questions please contact: