You are the Master of your Communications

We at Konsolute believe that the intranet within businesses is the very foundation of all forms of Communications within a company whether small or large, it will always play major role in the success of work and motivating employees to strive for better.

One-Click Intranet

D-Ploy Intranet

We at Konsolute have experts that have made dozens and dozens of intranet solutions for various companies, and what we found is that; common intranet solutions tend to be expensive and time consuming to make. So we decided to simplify the process by making this a full self-service modern intranet solution, that will provide you with all you need to get started in utilising your modern intranet with minimal and efficient setup.


Uncomplicated and simply beautiful intranet solution which can easily deployed to your Microsoft 365 at a click of a button


We're committed to ensuring that you have the latest features and components. We'll automatically patch and push the latest updates

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Bespoke Intranet

Your modern Intranet

What we offer is a cutting-edge solution to your intranet needs with an intranet platform that will turn your current intranet communications to fit into today’s digital climate with a fast paced internal communications portal for your workforce, whilst maintaining and fostering the integrity of your company culture through branding and structuring of your framework that will outline your data whether it be recovery or discovery of digital data (EDRMS). This is to ensure that we can effectively implement a modern intranet solution through a simple 4 stage process that we at Konsolute will conduct. In return you will witness a digital transformation in your workplace with employees adapting to the concepts of Microsoft 365 tools and converting all employees into digital natives that will drastically improve the efficiency of your business output.


Before designing your new intranet solution, we require your personal input, your wants, your needs and overall expectation. This will then allow us to review, narrow down and plan our solution to exactly how you like it and agree on an implementation method


We'll support you throughout the process from ensuring that all your employees and yourself are fully prepared for rolling out your new intranet solution. We'll assist you with your business change and adoption plans as well as with any technical issues or queries