Modern Intranet

Build and Modernise the way you connect with your Workplace

We have combined our experience in consulting and designing intranet solutions into an out-of-the-box intranet solution using the power of Microsoft 365 platform. With a simple click of a button, our highly configurable intranet system can be automatically provisioned on your Microsoft 365 tenancy. Choose from a collection of templates based upon the look and feel and functionality.

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Our Modern and elegant intranet, that can be deployed across your organisation, here are some of the compelling reasons how an intranet can help your organisation

Internal Communication

Streamline your internal organisational communication by bringing it all into one central location shared by all team members

Breaking down barriers

Improve transparency and collaboration across your organisation breaking communicating freely across these silos

Your company culture

Use your intranet to define your identity and reinforce your corporate culture and ethos across the wider organisation

Your remote workforce

Adapt and embrace the 'new ways' of working by using your intranet to communicate your messages in a clear and concise manner


A simple click away

Choose your template

Our pre-defined templates give you a modern UI experience, introducing to your users an easy and well organised access to all of your sites on SharePoint Online, as well as seamless navigation through your homepage. This will enable your users, to easily catch-up on the latest updates, news and events without them having to look too hard, whilst providing a personalise view of all the site content.

Built on SharePoint Online

Leverage the latest and greatest technology and features of SharePoint Online. SharePoint provides a modern, scalable and robust platform for deploying an intranet solution. Our Modern Intranet utilises the best features of Microsoft 365 to bring a simple and elegant and mostly important a free intranet which can deployed via a simple click.

put your own stamp in it


Our intranet templates foster the integrity of your company culture through branding and structuring of your design choices, across all content. Choose from the predefined colour palette and upload your organisation's logo. We'll take care of the rest and ensure that your intranet fits in with your organisation's guidelines.

Simple and elegant

Customisations offers a variety of colour pallets to pick from, that best express your organisation’s brand identity and to further personalise your intranet platform. Our templates also give you the ability to use your brand logo for your sites, which will automatically be applied to all of your sites, to give your site the brand identity consistency it needs.

Endorsed by internal comms managers

Our intranet solution has been deployed across numerous industry sectors such as finance, legal, government and nonprofits to name a few. We've had great feedback testimonials for how the organisations have been able to use the intranet for their respected use cases.


Keeping it social

Yammer integration - let's get Yamming

If you're using enterprise social platform like Yammer, you're in for a treat. Our intranet solution integrates seamlessly with Yammer. Simply specify if you have Yammer on the provisioning and we'll ensure that we configure your intranet for the Yammer experience.

Twitter integration - tweet, tweet

Twitter is a great way to communicate externally and it's a great mechanism to keep your internal organisation informed. Our Modern Intranet enables you to integrate with your Twitter feed. Just simply specify your Twitter handle and it will automatically be added to your site. Simple!

Our commitment

One-click intranet, coming up!

The process is easy and quick, when deploying your newly created beautiful intranet site. Everything that it is required to make an intranet site is bundled into an all-in-one package, with just a click of a button, your intranet site will be easily deployed with everything you need to make your homepage, to your Microsoft 365 platform.


We're committed to ensuring that you have the latest features and components. We'll automatically patch and push the latest updates to your Intranet site, to make sure your Intranet site is up to date with the latest quality of life changes, to keep up with the current times.

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