Promote consistency across the entire Microsoft 365 Platform!

Create and introduce templates based upon Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and 365 Groups to your organisation to promote reuse, share knowledge, create consistency, adhere to regulatory requirements and to give your workforce a head-start!

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Cookie cutter

Create consistency across your organisation and give your users a head-start by introducing your organisational defined templates

  • Use Reflekt's intuitive interface to define your organisational templates based upon Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office 365 Groups
  • Promote re-use and consistency across your organisation
  • Associate retention and disposition policies and processes to your templates
  • Associate and delegate approval processes to individuals and groups within your organisation
Microsoft Teams Templates

Approvals, archiving and disposition policies

Reflekt manages the entire end to end process, subsequently removing the complexities from Microsoft teams and SharePoint site and simplifying life cycle management.

  • Define you organisational requirements within Reflekt's Admin Centre
  • Customizable Approval process
  • Proven to increase end-user Teams adoption

Tag it

Categorise and drive intelligence through associating your organisation’s taxonomies to templates and your newly created Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and 365 Groups.

  • Reflekt can leverage your existing organisational taxonomies so that you can associate and categorise your templates, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and 365 Groups to the selected terms
  • Drive discovery and transparency across your organisation by allowing your workforce to find Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and 365 Groups
  • Use native Microsoft 365 compliance and security features such as Azure Information Protection and Sensitivity labelling to identify content with specific tags
Quality Management