Steps to follow to get you started with reflekt

Fill in questionnaire to decide what to build

Create new team through Reflekt

Creation of team from existing templates

Template options explained

Creating template category

Create a custom Team template

User admin settings explained

Add users with administrator or principal roles

Add question to questionnaires

Enable or disable questions from questionnaires

Specify weighting in questionnaires

Delete answers from questionnaires

Edit questionnaire answers

Approve or reject requests

View list of requests

View own build requests

Users can join or request to join existing Teams

Change team options

Admin centre tags explained

Enable or disable custom products

Add a custom product

Create first SharePoint site through Reflekt

Change SharePoint Options

Purchase and Renew License


To allow certain users to have permissions to do certain tasks, roles will need to be provided to users there are 3 roles which can be assigned

Approvers – Users will be able to approve or reject requests through the approval area.

Administrators – Users will have permissions to add approval administrators

Principal administrator – Users will have permissions of both approvers and administrators.

To add or delete a approvers/administrator please see the guide here

When joining or requesting to join an existing team it can take up to 2 hours for public teams to show up in your Teams application however when requesting to join a private team you will be added to the team once an administrator has approved to add you in.

The account you are using may not have the correct permissions applied, please get in touch with an administrator who can apply the permission changes to your account

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