Governance & Automation

Remain compliant and in control of your Microsoft 365 platform

Remain firmly in the driving seat of your Microsoft 365 environment. Reflekt, removes the pain and complexities by automating processes and compliance.

Reflekt Governance uai

Power to the people

Enable your organisation to freely create Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups while remaining in compliance with your organisational policies.

  • Empower your end-users by giving them control and independence
  • Reflekt's intuitive Admin Centre enables you to define your organisational policies and associate them with Templates
  • Proven to increase end-user adoption

Life-cycle management

Circle of life

Control all aspects of your Microsoft 365 platform such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 groups life-cycle management.

  • Reflekt's Admin Centre gives you granular control over your processes such as Approvals, Archive and Disposition
  • Distribute and delegate the responsibility of approvals across your organisation. Granular control of your approval processes, define who can approve and what they can approve


Automated archive & retention

Let Reflekt handle the archiving and configuration of your Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 groups. Reflect allows you to connect policies to your templates so that you can granularly define your policies.

  • Use the Admin Centre to define your Archive and Disposition policies to Microsoft 365 artefacts based upon the template
  • Use Reflekt's intuitive reporting dashboard to identify and intervene when necessary. Identify non-compliant Teams, sites and groups

Quality Management

Enterprise monitoring & intervention

Reflekt’s analysis dashboard enables you to visualise how your Microsoft 365 products created via Reflekt, pivot on important data points such as tags, template types to understand how your organisation is creating and consuming information.

  • Query by Template types and Tags
  • Identify orphaned Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365
  • Identify Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 groups which have deviated from the base template definition