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Microsoft Viva Gold Partner Services by Konsolute

As a proud Microsoft Viva Gold Partner, Konsolute is committed to providing top-tier services and solutions related to Microsoft Viva. Our Microsoft Gold Partner status means that we have the expertise and knowledge to help you get the most out of Microsoft Viva and enhance your employees' experience.

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Empower people with this centre for employee learning in Microsoft 365. Help them discover and share professional training resources across your organization, and track their learning progress.



Connects your people with knowledge and experts​. Enable faster learning, connections, and innovation by making information easier to find.



Create a culture where people and business can thrive. Discovering new employee productivity and wellbeing experiences in the flow of work.



Viva Connections delivers a unified, personalized feed in which employees can explore news and contribute to the conversation from virtually anywhere. 

Why choose Konsolute to guide you through your Viva journey?

  • We are an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner and have demonstrated this through our successful delivery.
  • Microsoft Content and Services Preferred Partner for Microsoft Viva 
  • We have helped thousands of clients to leverage the transformative applications and features available with their Microsoft subscriptions.
  • Understand the specific Teams requirements within various industry sectors such as financial, nuclear and healthcare. 
  • Whether you’re just discovering the capabilities of Viva or getting ready to develop a modern workplace transformation plan, we’re here to help.

The driving force for any business is its people.


Microsoft Teams Daily Active Users Worldwide


Collaboration Software market size worldwide


Nearly 60% ​of people say they feel less connected to their team after shifting to remote work.


86% of top-performing
companies reported that digital training programs boosted employee engagement and performance.


Highly engaged employees are 12x less likely to leave their company than those who are not engaged.


94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.


Send learning content in a Teams message, meeting chat, or email.​ Curate selections of learning content for your team by adding a learning tab to your Teams channel.​

Recommend learning content to colleagues and track progress.​ Access bookmarked learning items, recently viewed courses, content assigned from your learning management system, and recommendations in the My Learning view.

Easily search for learning content across Microsoft, partner providers, learning management systems, and your organization in Microsoft Teams.​


Turn content into knowledge and use AI to reason over your organization’s data and automatically identify, process, and organize content. ​

Automatically identify topics and recognize common topics across content and conversations, organize information, and generate topic pages.​ Find topics that relate to you, discover and display complementary topics and expertise from different sources.​

Automatically build topic pages, create topic pages and topic cards using suggested definitions, related content, relevant conversations, and expertise.

"We believe Viva encourages a collaborative culture of that empowers organisations to be their best regardless of location."


With Viva Insights, managers are able to monitor team cohesion by viewing collaboration and interconnection metrics. ​Gain personal insights into the flow of work and identify opportunities to build better work habits. ​

Address unique business challenges with advanced tools and additional data sources. Enhance insights and experiences with Glint, LinkedIn and Headspace.​

Viva Insights is also able to aggregate individual wellbeing metrics and expand this up to the organizational level.​ Identify possible risks and provide recommendations on how you can manage teams better.


Discover news and conversations, keep everyone informed, hone your delivery with powerful targeting and scheduling capabilities.​ Allow admin to establish a landing page for company news, forms, apps and requesting IT assistance. Dashboards may be customized using Power Apps and third-party solutions already in use. ​

Curate a centralized destination and streamline visibility into your company’s critical employee resources through the personalized dashboard. ​

Get up and running fast. Use your existing infrastructure to save time and money—backed by world-class security from Microsoft.

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