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We’re working with the Nuclear Sector and playing our part in the UK’s Journey to a cleaner energy future.

Investment in new nuclear capacity is essential to the UK hitting net zero. Building our Nuclear offering will ensure a solid foundation of reliable low-carbon power and will strengthen our energy security. This is not only an investment in the UK’s green energy future but also in highly skilled jobs across the country- not only the capital.

Below we’ve been discussing the latest move by ministers to bolster the UK’s low carbon energy sources and financially back a more independent, green future.


Support from the top

Ministers have demonstrated further support for EDF Energy’s £20bn Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk, with a £100m investment to help develop the project. One thing seems clear, our current government are in favour of a nuclear future here in the UK, with power stations being hailed as the solution to our unavoidable environmental clean up mission.

It seems the state cash injection is designed to “maximise investor confidence” in the project while French owned EDF works towards setting out a funding plan which satisfies investors and UK ministers. Sizewell C is not only about a greener energy strategy- the growing demand for electricity needs to be met and this plant alone would cover between 7 and 10% of UK demand. (That’s six million homes for anyone wondering). The benefits don’t stop at the power station output, Sizewell C is also predicted to provide 10,000 skilled jobs for decades to come.

Minister Kwarteng expanded on these ideas earlier in the week: “New nuclear is not only an important part of our plans to ensure greater energy independence, but to create high-quality jobs and drive economic growth. The funding announced today will further support the development of Sizewell C during this important phase of negotiations as we seek to maximise investor confidence in this nationally significant project.”

Nuclear receives a vote of confidence

The UK Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) have just granted permission for a major new milestone in the Hinkley Point C project. The power station has finally received the all clear to begin the start of bulk mechanical, electrical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (MEH) component installation work.

Nuclear power currently counts for 21 per cent of the UK’s overall energy output, but with multiple existing plants being decommissioned over the next 15 years, building new sites is key to maintaining the positive influence of nuclear power in domestic energy infrastructure. Rossi, chief executive of EDF Energy, said: “We’re very pleased that the government is showing its confidence in Sizewell C which, if approved, will lower energy costs for consumers and help to insulate the UK from global gas prices.”- with the recent hike in electricity prices, this will come as a welcome message for many.

Some EU countries and protest groups may be less convinced by the ‘greenness’ of Nuclear, with some claiming the destruction to land on the site and potential environmental risk must not be discounted. Despite this, the energy source features prominently in the government’s ten-point plan to reach net zero carbon emissions, which it published ahead of the COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow. Essentially, ministers have recognised that Nuclear is essential in the war against the UK Carbon footprint.

The Nuclear Sector and the cloud

Digital transformation has been key across all industries but the sensitive nature of nuclear data and the absolute importance of regulation and compliance has meant that this sector’s journey to the cloud has been more pressing than most. Konsolute have been involved with Nuclear decommissioning bodies, ensuring the security of their data as we implement business transformation as cloud strategy partners.

As we continue to work with the Nuclear Industry, we also contribute in our own small way to a greener more sustainable future. As an organisation, contributing to an environmentally positive cause is something we’re incredibly passionate about here at Konsolute. If you’d like to discuss your digital transformation with us, why not get in touch?

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