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Migration services for the Nuclear Sector

Three key reasons we’re championing SharePoint Cloud Migration in the Nuclear Sector.

Quicker programme delivery, improved data security and increased field worker productivity are just some of the ways the Nuclear Sector is benefiting from SharePoint cloud migration.

In a survey of CEOs last year, 81% of those questioned identified technological advancement as the single most important challenge for organisations to address- it was a factor that featured higher than D&I or climate change. It’s undeniable that we are living in an age of digital disruption, with the pandemic only accelerating the shift towards virtual platforms and empowered data.

So how does this affect the Nuclear Sector? And why is it so important for these superpower businesses to embrace digital innovation? The industry is typically associated with extremely restrictive security protocols and legacy IT systems. Understandably, there is a real focus on operational management and the need to govern processes and maintain standards, all of which are streamlined and made easier through automation and digitalisation. Despite this, many industry leaders suggest that the ‘risk avoidance’ led way of working makes the Nuclear world difficult to align with digital culture.

However at Konsolute, we feel that pursuing operational improvement strategies through the likes of Quality Management Systems would enable the Nuclear Sector to modernise and adhere to an even better standard of practice. Organisations are also starting to consider the fact that they are onboarding a new wave of tech fluent workers who expect to have their data stored and delivered in a digital manner. As the older workforce continues to retire, so should the legacy data.

Below we’ve broken down three key areas of drastic improvement that a digital revolution in the nuclear industry would create:

Quicker Programme Deliverability

Improving programme delivery through better data insight- the average cost of overrun for nuclear projects in 2019 was around 150%. Specifically, The Hinkley Point Project is a prime example of rising costs that could be minimised by a more efficient cloud platform. The project has already been plagued by delay and unforeseen cost increases. Following a review, EDF warned two years ago of a staggering £1.5 billion overrun and delays of up to 15 months.

If we zoom out on this issue, it is about more than just budget and excessive costs to the taxpayer and private investors alike. Time and the delay to cleaner energy provision is also something we should try our best to improve. Nuclear energy and the environmental benefits of cleaner energy should be instated sooner rather than later. Our experience of migrating data within the Nuclear sector to date has had this two-fold success of improved timeframe and cost. Automating business process is essential to improving the speed and quality of the data being used.

Improved Governance Planning, Security and Compliance Measures on SharePoint

The Nuclear Sector often goes hand in hand with sensitive, classified information. Using your data SharePoint migration as a chance to clean up your data stores and access is often a key part of our Nuclear project delivery. When data goes from being stored in a physically locked office to a data cloud platform, accesses and security procedures should be prioritised.

Better Field Worker Productivity

The efficiency of field worker productivity is especially relevant to the Nuclear sector with projects often consisting of thousands of team members during the construction and launch phases. Mobile applications such as SharePoint and planner are a key way of having data available to workers across sprawling sites. Tasks such as auditing can be completed with supporting evidence with data stored and logged in the cloud on an accessible platform. In extreme scenarios, data can be recorded and saved without Wifi and uploaded later.

At Konsolute, we have seen the use of our products and services from cloud migration to Quality Management improve plant safety. Significantly, detecting when the prescribed facility configuration information does not match the audited physical state, can help mitigate the risks associated with human error or machine malfunctioning in Nuclear settings.

Allowing organisations to manage and maintain evidence of industry standards being upheld in daily work through a cloud based migration and data store is a tried and tested way of maintaining best practice on large Nuclear projects.

Do you work in the Nuclear Sector?

If you’re interested in learning more about SharePoint Cloud Migration and would like to know more about applying a digital transformation in your organisation, we encourage you to follow these next steps:

  • We can conduct a Health Check to assess your organisation’s digital readiness, this provides great foundational insight for a data migration, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • We can run Workshop events to strategically identify solutions to your specific business problems, through joint, cross-disciplinary team sessions.

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