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Data Privacy

Reflekt was born out of an urgent need for better data oversight and governance…

On International Data Privacy Day we’ve been discussing our own contribution to data privacy awareness and asking what more can we do in 2022 to empower organisations with the infrastructure to employ data best practices.


Privacy is gaining momentum

Privacy has gained undeniable traction throughout the pandemic. But despite the proliferation of global data protection laws and the rise of privacy tech, now is not the time to be complacent and take privacy for granted. Instead, privacy advocates should ride the momentum. Or better yet, use the momentum to protect from “privacy washing,” the phenomenon where entities publicly proclaim their support for privacy without the practices or governance infrastructure to back up their claims.

Our answer

Konsolute has built Reflekt as a broker layer to your SharePoint platform. Microsoft 365 is hyper flexible, it provides endless possibilities but in terms of data, it’s incredibly easy to lose control. Reflekt addresses the severe risk posed by the unknown whereabouts of data. To put it bluntly, we were sick of seeing sensitive file breaches, orphan projects and duplicated groups because private departments can’t see what exists outside of their own four walls. On the other hand, we were witnessing bottle necks forming with Heads of IT attempting to manage accesses without automation. Reflekt sits between these two options, we empower admin to govern creativity and encourage users with automated work flows 

Spring is on the horizon, are you ready to clean up your data?

We developed Reflekt to empower your organization’s data stores, it’s important to remember that a by-product of some cloud apps is additional risk to your data security. Unfortunately, limitless private groups and the unrestricted sharing of documentation leave many companies with a clean-up operation on their hands. You could say, that with automation comes a need for governance, so we’ve created a product that puts you in complete control. 

At Konsolute we have distilled your essential business needs down into a fully integrated, self-serve product. No matter the sector or size of your establishment, Reflekt can be implemented to provide boundaries around team structure, projects and collaboration in a safe environment. Through our approach, financial, political, energy, health and other service-sector players can reduce IT service costs by 25 to 50 percent, while simultaneously enhancing their employee experience.  

Are we at a critical point in online privacy?

At Konsolute we feel compelled to take the time to celebrate the concept of data privacy and spread awareness given the multiple critical junctures we’re facing.

The tech industry, which has been responsible for some of today’s biggest privacy breaches, is facing a degree of backlash. Go to any major publication and they’re bound to have a piece on the latest tech industry privacy invasion(s). Or read the latest consumer privacy sentiment studies reporting on the misuse of consumer data or the clear marketplace demand for privacy around ad placement, location tracking or data holding to name a few.

With Apple introducing a host of privacy changes to iOS app developers and Google phasing out third-party cookies, advertisers are scrambling to find new ways to deliver ads. The relationship between advertising and personal metrics are one of the most powerful ways in which organisations are using our data to target our needs every single day. It is a relationship that we predict will have to be tightly monitored and essentially cleaned up in years to come.

At Konsolute we think privacy is a human right.

Beyond the practical reasons detailed above, perhaps the most meaningful excuse for celebrating privacy is this: privacy is a human right. It’s our human right. It’s inalienable. And it’s worth every bit of celebration. If you’re keen to improve your internal data privacy and learn more about Reflekt we’d love to chat.

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