Konsolute Complete a Successful Digital Transformation for Subsea 7

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Konsolute Complete a Successful Full Provisioning of Microsoft 365 for Subsea 7

Konsolute work with Subsea 7 to implement a full Microsoft 365 tenancy that allowed teams to work both online and remotely, as required by the client, remaining enhancing their collaborative abilities.

Solution Summary 

Subsea 7, a prominent organisation in the engineering, construction, and service Industry, required solutions to automate business processes, increase business engagement, and help connect their geographically distributed teams.  

Konsolute provisioned a rollout of Microsoft 365 through a series of pilots, using workshops with stakeholder to gather information from which to create a strategic roadmap for the implementation of Microsoft 365 capabilities across the organisation, providing bespoke information architecture, governance, and security procedures. 

Konsolute delivered a phased rollout that reduced business impact and resulted in a more cohesive organisation, increased user engagement, and, ultimately, an increase in productivity.  


Subsea 7 required an enhanced working system with the main purpose of increasing collaborative working and connectivity between geographically disparate teams. Due to many of these teams working remotely in vessels, offline synchronisation capabilities were a key requirement of the organisation. 

Subsea 7’s existing system consisted of multiple collaborative environments across various systems, causing confusion when working across teams or projects, resulting in wasted time and effort. These disparate working systems lead to a lack of organisation-wide accessibility to key information, constituting a significant obstruction to information sharing and collaboration. This informed a main aim of Konsolute’s work with the organisation: to improve connection and collaboration ease and efficiency.  

The client also lacked automation of their business processing, further hampering the efficiency of the workforce at large. Subsea 7 accordingly required a full overhaul existing manual business processes, replacing them entirely with new systems and features to enable automation. This transition had to be completed in such a way that ongoing business processes were not interrupted by the work being done by Konsolute.  

Subsea 7 were also lacking business engagement in their organisation as well as adoption and change managementand therefore carried the significant risk of losing the advantages of technological improvements to the business. Konsolute were therefore required to work closely with the organisation, its stakeholders, and certain members of the workforce in order to ensure that all updates to the business processes that were implemented could be adopted and utilised to the full.  

"Konsolute were very professional and took special interest in how the organization is run today. From there, we have managed to map out and produce a plan for deployment of the M365 toolsets that is flexible to accommodate the changing needs of the business. They have worked as a partner and helped to remove issues when they arose. Great effort and fantastic company to work with."

- Subsea 7 Cloud Solutions Manager

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Energy

  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft EMS
  • Intune 

Solution Strategy  

Konsolute proposed to the client a full roll-out of Microsoft 365 across the organisation through a series of pilot rounds. Pilots were employed in order to gauge the organisation’s response to the strategies and implementation process undertaken by KonsoluteThe preliminary strategy implemented by Konsolute in this regard was to run workshops with Subsea 7 stakeholders across the client’s various office locations located around the world. These workshops were held in order to gather both qualitative and quantitative data regarding the client’s requirements for their Microsoft 365 journey.  

The output gathered from the requirements workshops were analysed and mapped, from which a strategic roadmap for the overall Microsoft 365 rollout was defined. A phased rollout was then implemented according to the strategic roadmap. The phases of the rollout were defined in order to ensure that the implementation process did not interrupt the client’s ongoing business process.  

Konsolute proceeded to help Subsea 7 establish an Adoption and Change Management practice according to the Microsoft Change Management Framework through a series of pilots. These pilots were intended to pare the client to fully adopt their new Microsoft 365 capabilities, embracing the services and using them in their day-to-day practices. The Adoption and Change Management training involved working with the Shareholders of Subsea 7, conducting scenarios and awareness workshops in order to boost the competency and responsiveness to Microsoft 365 benefits within the organisation.  

Konsolute implemented and undertook an entire organisational migration of the organisation onto the new Microsoft 365 cloud tenancy. Pilot users were migrated on a rolling basis according to business priority. The migration process followed the bespoke Information Architecture developed by Konsolute for the clientThis worked alongside a tailored Governance systemensuring that the client’s new technology continues to work well within the organisation. Throughout the migration process, Konsolute adhered to a comprehensive Security management plan, implementing compliance procedures and barriers on sensitive data according to the organisation’s requirements.  


As a result of their collaboration with Konsolute, Subsea 7 were left with a cohesive organisation, with all teams and locations connected through Microsoft 365 and cloud capabilities. Konsolute implemented a full Microsoft 365 tenancy that allowed teams to work both online and remotely, as required by the client, remaining enhancing their collaborative abilities. Konsolute conducted a series of workshops and pilots followed by a phased rollout in order to tailor the process to stakeholders’ requirements and reduce the impact to existing business processes. Konsolute’s focus on Adoption and Change management resulted in more engaged and aware users, prepared to uptake the new technologies upon implementation. Overall, the migration and implementation of Microsoft 365 by Konsolute resulted in a distinct increase in productivity in Subsea 7 as an organisation.  

SharePoint Syntex


Let SharePoint Syntex amplify your organisation's expertise, automate content processing, and intelligently transform your content into knowledge.

The first first offering as part of Microsoft’s Project Cortex, SharePoint Syntex creates AI models that classify and extract information and automatically apply metadata to your documents.

undraw knowledge g5gf

Train Syntex's AI to intelligently label and classify your data, freeing up manpower and removing human error

Save time and energy spent searching for documents through the application of comprehensive column-based metadata

Enforce security and compliance with automatically applied sensitivity and retention labels

SharePoint Syntex is set to transform the future of work. The technology software combines expert content understanding with the speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence to automatically classify organisational content. Syntex sifts through organisational data, extracting key information and tagging content as it goes. This is all performed using trainable and secure AI models, allowing your organisational search engine to become the gateway to a knowledge network. With Syntex, every piece of content becomes perfectly placed and categorised  for streamlining business processes. Drive knowledge and data directly to your users, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve compliance, and rest assured that your data is secure..  

SharePoint Syntex provides the ability to automate the extraction of metadata from your files, putting  SharePoint Syntex Content Creator at the centre of your company’s content capturing and processing. Simply configure AI powered processes that extract information, with the option of applying sensitivity and retention labels. Teach AI models to read information the way you do. Build no-code AI models that teach the cloud to read content exactly the way you do, simplifying your data organisation and limiting the amount of time spent searching.

SharePoint Syntex intelligently employs distinct ways of dealing with both structured and unstructured data. SharePoint Syntex’s ‘Form Processing’ component captures information from large volumes of structured data. Content is then classified within SharePoint columns, so that it can be sorted and grouped by the keywords and values extracted. You can also easily search for content by captured metadata, aiding the speed of workplace operations.  

SharePoint Syntex’s ‘Document Understanding’ component uses machine learning to classify files and extract metadata from unstructured content. Classifiers are trained to identify all the files of a certain type; whilst ‘extractors’ capture metadata that matches defined phrases (e.g. keywords or characters) or patterns (e.g. dates and credit card numbers), to which sensitivity and retention labels can then be added. This ensures information protection and compliance are baked into systems whilst minimising effort for users. 

All actions in one place

The SharePoint Syntex dashboard leads you through the steps for training its AI capabilities. Key actions include adding example files to the system, classifying files and training the AI, creating and training the elements to be recognised, and applying your trained models to new libraries. These actions all initiate user-friendly processes through which your organisation can train Syntex to automatically search through your documents and add metadata in order to classify and organise your data.

Recognise file format

Syntex’s training programme allows you to specify a file format, upload your own files, and give examples that both conform and do not conform to the given format. The Syntex training system helps teach your cloud how to read content the way you do, recognising and categorising your files exactly how you want it.

Extract Elements

Syntex further allows you to define extractors, elements of your data by which you want documents to be labelled and classified. After defining your extractors, you teach your programme where to find the required information in various examples, training the system where to find certain data such as names, dates, or addresses. Syntex can be taught to recognise information by location, format, or associated phrases, ensuring that your content is recognised accurately.

Sit back and relax

Once trained, the Syntex system is then able to process your documents, extracting the metadata that you have specified and using it to label your documents. Simply sit back and let Syntex run in the background, seamlessly classifying your content with zero supervision required. The system also provides a “Confidence Score”, letting you know which files the system believes to have been classified the most accurately.

DocumentLibrary Before
DocumentLibrary Processed

How can Konsolute help you with your SharePoint Syntex journey?

As Microsoft Content and Services Partners, as well as Launch Partners for Project Cortex, we here at Konsolute deal in expertise that sit right at the heart of features such as SharePoint Syntex. As part of our partner status, we are the first to be updated with new features and elements of Microsoft’s Project Cortex, putting us in the best possible position to help you learn about how these new features could be of benefit to your organisation’s specific industry and business processes.  

 As Microsoft Partners, we here at Konsolute have the expertise required to get your organisation off the ground and flourishing with new Microsoft offerings such as SharePoint SyntexWe are offering free introductory sessions, giving you a basic understanding of how SharePoint Syntex works, as well as the benefits and potentials of Project Cortex technologies, beginning with Syntex. We offer a personalised overview of how your organisation can leverage the capabilities of SharePoint Syntex to your specific data and business processes, giving you an insight into the potential future of your organisation. Once you’ve got a proper vision of what your future of work could be with the help of these ground-breaking Cortex technologies, all you have to do is sit back and let Konsolute do all the hard work for you. With our expertise in Microsoft technology, we will provision a seamless implementation and business transformation into SharePoint Syntex for your entire organisation, guiding you every step of the way and helping you make the most of your new capabilities.  

Visit Microsoft's Syntex page here

Contact us about SharePoint Syntex today

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    Konsolute works with Low Level Waste Repository to Automate Business Procedures and Streamline ISO Standards Adherence

    case study

    Konsolute works with LLW Repository to Automate Business Procedures and Streamline ISO Standards Adherence

    Konsolute worked with LLWR to help automate business processes and establish a Electronics Documents Records Management System (EDRMS) for the maintenance of their records, including evidence records for the attention of industry regulators.


    LLWR needed to establish better channels for communication and collaboration between sections of the organisation. The reduction of paper records was also a main aim of this project, looking to digitise where possible and establish an effective management system for the archival of records. Konsolute was also asked to implement a system for the maintenance of records for regulators. Finally, Konsolute worked with LLWR on the automation of their business procedures, aiming to establish more efficient and effective processes.


    Konsolute implemented SharePoint Server in order to manage LLWRs highly sensitive files alongside an Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS). 

    Konsolute fitted LLWR with a bespoke ISO certified Quality Management System, allowing the organisation to manage and maintain evidence of industry standards being upheld in daily work. Konsolute also established an automated document management process with the use of SharePoint workflows.

    Konsolute implemented an Information Architecture system, alongside a tailored governance plan and security and compliance measures, considering the high importance of security to LLWR’s data.  

    A centralised storage system was implemented for engineering documentation, and a system was created for the management of Portfolios, Programmes, and Projects.  

    Finally, Konsolute completed the migration of data from various existing data source.


    LLWR achieved a unified document management platform, holding and maintaining all data with the requisite level of security and compliance. Konsolute empowered LLWR with the ability to archive and dispose of data based upon regulatory requirements. And helped them specifically adhere to ISO 9001 and 45001. Konsolute further streamlined LLWR’s business process, enabling the organisation to automate processes and consequently improving efficiency and auditing.

    "Thank you to Konsolute who delivered and successfully implemented an EDRMS which helped us to reach our ambitious goal to reduce paper records by 95% and adhere to the regulations imposed by industrial governing bodies"

    - Quality Manager

    • Nuclear
    • Nuclear Decommissioning

    • ISO Certified QMS System
    • SharePoint Server


    Amnesty International Completes a Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365 and the Services of Konsolute

    case study

    Amnesty International Completes a Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365 and the Services of Konsolute

    Konsolute worked with Amnesty International Secretariat to complete a Digital Transformation of the organisation’s internal system and business procedures. Konsolute primarily implemented the roll-out of Microsoft 365 services SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive for Business for use across Amnesty International’s 3000 users. Konsolute also completed a migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 and managed Amnesty’s programmes and projects. Finally, Konsolute aided Amnesty in the construction and management plan of their applications such as Individuals At Risk database.


    Amnesty International Secretariat is comprised of multiple offices worldwide and regularly collaborates with external satellite offices, sharing sensitive data regarding human rights cases. Across these offices, Amnesty required a cohesive, unified platform to facilitate collaborative working. Amnesty also required help with information architecture and governance, ensuring that all data and assets are structured.


    Konsolute conducted a full data migration to Microsoft 365 cloud services. This was done through the use of AI-driven data discovery using Konsolute’s discovery tool, Kolumbus. This enabled Amnesty to infer an Information Architecture by identifying common characteristics across their existing data.

    Konsolute implemented an Information Architecture structure as well as an Information Governance processes which ensured that the Amnesty’s data / processes were secure and compliant. Konsolute also completed the implementation of Programmes and Projects through a centralised provisioning engine built upon Microsoft Azure technology.

    Amnesty campaign for individuals, families, communities and organisations around the world who have had their human rights violated. Amnesty required a secure and compliant platform due to the sensitivity of the data relating to the cases. Konsolute implemented a bespoke application known as Individuals At Risk (IAR) hosted on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

    Finally, Konsolute carried out a core modernisation of Amnesty’s business processes to build numerous applications leveraging native Cloud Azure features.


    After working with Konsolute to implement a bespoke Microsoft 365 experience, Amnesty was left with a cohesive connected organisation, empowering employees with increased productivity and efficiency as well as streamlining crucial communications. Amnesty achieved standardisation across its various business units alongside increased operational efficiency and a reduction in operating costs.

    "Konsolute have enabled us to envision our digital transformation that connects our people and processes through Microsoft 365. This has allowed us to mobilise our workforce and work more effectively across geographical boundaries"

    - Amnesty CIO

    • Non-profit
    • Not-for-profit organisation

    Moving to Microsoft 365 and Azure

    Cloud Migration Services


    Welcome to your new home, let us help you move seamlessly and in a stress-free manner

    We remove the complexities from migrating to the cloud, we’ll work with you to identify your migrated objectives, identity what will need to be migration, and how. We’ll define you with a timeline to ensure that your migration is seamless and without any disruptions to your business

    Moving to Microsoft 365 and Azure

    By migrating and adopting the cloud successfully, organisations have benefited from the following...

    Have experienced business acceleration from their use of cloud services 87%
    Feel that they are more agile with executing their strategy 50%
    Have seen their organisation collaborating more efficiently and effectively 48%
    Have seen increased productivity with their workforce 46%
    Cloud Data Analysis
    Data analysis

    Before you begin your journey on defining and starting your migration it's important to understand the bigger picture. Our expert teams use a mixture of consultancy and in-house built data discovery tool such as Konsolute's Kolumbus and Auto Classifier to discover what applications and data can be migrated to the cloud.

    The output of the Data Analysis enables your organisation to make informed business decisions and define the scope and migration process. The analysis enables organisations to answer questions such as,

    • What application and infrastructure am I currently running? of these, which should be migrated, modernised, retired, replaced or maintained on-premise?
    • How much data will be migrated?
    • What are the risks associated with a migration, and how long will it take?
    • What will be the return on my investment for migration, based on my current running costs, my post-migration running costs, and the cost of migration itself?
    • What additional benefits will cloud migration bring to my business?
    Platform architecture & design

    Data analysis provides an important input into the target cloud platform design and architecture. Statistically data points alongside with engagement with your stakeholders will allow us to define the perfect platform blueprint.

    Retire, Replace, Rehost, Re-Architect or Retain On-Premise? We'll define a strategy based upon the data points to ensure that all options are addressed. SaaS, IaaS, Serverless, Containerized or modernised with PaaS, or if it cannot be migrated at all should reside in a private cloud. We'll architect a platform which meets your business objectives and can supports your business model for the foreseeable future.

    Cloud Platform Desing
    Expert of Microsoft 365
    Migration & Modernise

    We have extensive experience of orchestrating highly complex migrations to the cloud. Our skilled migration team have migrated mailboxes, Skype and document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum and On-Premise applications/systems to the cloud for clients operating in various time-zones ensuring business continuity and minimising and impact to end-users.

    One of the business benefits of cloud migration is the ability to enable new scenarios that would be impossible (or at least, prohibitively expensive) previously. The opportunity to re-imagine your new platform and application by harnessing cloud features such as Microsoft AI. Our Cloud Modernisation can assist your organisation to maximise new business opportunities offered by the cloud.

    Our Cloud Migration Offerings

    Free Migration Consultation

    Commitment free consultation with our migration experts
    • A free no-obligation, commitment-free consultation with one of our expert migration team members. We will answer any questions you may have and inform you of the best approach and suggested next steps for you to embrace your cloud platform
    • Friendly migration experts that can answer any answers or queries

    Let us guide you through the complexities of moving to the cloud. We make it easy, quick and manageable to sort through all the jargon and focus on what if organisations needs are being met and how to specifically target what your organisation requires to take it to the next level

    • Free no-obligation phone call, or if you're in London, pop into our office for some coffee (...and maybe a few biscuits)

    Data Analysis Workshop

    On-site workshop conducted at our offices or at yours
    • We will work with you to recognise the goals and priorities of your organisation and to ensure that we identify the optimal strategy for achieving the desired states
    • On-site workshop with our cloud migration team
    • Cloud migration roadmap based upon your organisational requirements

    This package includes an on-site workshop with our experts providing a data analysis and information processing, data model and heatmap view (Power BI dashboard). In addition, a detailed migration strategy document and recommendation paper will be provided to ensure your cloud migration goes smoothly.

    • We'll work with your stakeholders to understand your organisation's requirements
    • We'll provide you with options and details of the recommended next steps

    Target Platform Design

    Remain secure and compliant on your cloud platform
    • Whether you're looking to adopt the cloud or already on the cloud, our Security Readiness Assessment can help you plan for a secure and compliant platform

    We offer a series of onsite workshops, where our experts will collaborate with your I.T department to setup the Information architecture & governance, information management policy and records. In addition we will provide an easy to understand information design document containing information on architecture, governance, management policy and security recommendations for your organisation to ensure that the new cloud is tailored to you as much as possible.

    • A target platform would be designed in accordance with your organisation's specifications and informational structure.
    • The configuration of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 within the cloud will be done as a final touch to make sure your new cloud is fully operational.

    Migration and Remediation

    Determine if your organisation is ready for a digital change
    • How ready is an organisation for digital change? Our Prosci® business change consultants assess your organisation to see how ready you are for change
    • Included an enterprise search centre and enterprise taxonomy will be integrated to the new cloud as part of the migration process to ensure that you will find all categories of data with ease.

    A Migration of all your data will be performed, to transfer all data to the newly designed target platform. This process covers data migration for Microsoft teams, SharePoint, One drive, which will include a post configuration for the newly migrated data. Within this process, we are required to engage with either key figures of your organisation or your I.T team as part of the remedial process, to ensure we are on track with all your data migration needs, whilst processing the Post-migration data remediation.


    Security & Compliance

    Security and Compliance

    Manage cybersecurity and compliance effectively across your evolving digital landscape

    We understand the importance cyber, regulatory, operational, and financial threats to your organisation. Our accredited security specialists remove the complexities of securing your cloud platform and ensuring that you have the right level of controls based upon your organisational requirements, maturity and culture.

    Microsoft Cloud Hacker 20200728 141700 uai

    Securing your investment on the Microsoft Cloud

    An exponential increase in the number of connected devices albeit corporate or personal, remote workers and a cultural shift in the security ecosystem that may not be widely understood or recognised by your workforce, may potentially put your organisation at risk. Who, what and how can devices, users, partners, vendors access your environments. Security is not just risk management or an IT issue, but instead a core business enabler

    Increase in the number of threats on Microsoft 365 over the last two years

    Increase in the amount of files deemed sensitive data stored on the Microsoft Cloud (Year-on-Year)

    Increase in sharing sensitive data with an open, publicly accessible link over the past two years

    Compliance and beyond

    In the cloud era, the challenge is not only protecting this sensitive information against internal and external threats, but also retaining the same compliance policy enforcement that enterprises have for on-premises applications. With just a few clicks, an employee can share an entire folder containing sensitive data with another user within the company (or outside the company) in violation of a compliance regulations


    Unclassified data

    Corporate data that is “dark” – it is not classified, protected or governed


    Insider threat

    Organisations that have experienced insider attacks in the last 12 months



    Updates per day from over 1000 regulatory bodies worldwide

    Our Cloud Security and Compliance Offerings

    Free Cloud Security Consultation

    Commitment free consultation with our security experts
    £ 0
    • A free no-obligation, commitment-free consultation with one of our expert security team members. We will answer any questions you may have and inform you of the best approach and suggested next steps for you to secure your cloud platform

    We’ll love to discuss how we can help you with securing your investment on the cloud. We make it easy, quick and manageable to sort through all the jargon and focus on what if organisations needs are being met and how to specifically target what your organisation requires to take it to the next level

    • Free no-obligation phone call, or if you're in London, pop into our office for some coffee (...and maybe a few biscuits)
    • Whether you're already on your cloud journey, starting your cloud journey or having a bumpy ride, we're here to help

    Onsite Cloud Security Readiness Assessment

    Remain secure and compliant on your cloud platform
    • Whether you're looking to adopt the cloud or already on the cloud, our Security Readiness Assessment can help you plan for a secure and compliant platform

    Security and compliance in any organisation are vital factors in how their data and files are protected. Cloud security and more specific compliance needs are becoming more concurrent to the market. We provide you with a complete assessment of what your organisation needs for its security and compliance needs. We will capture your organisation’s security and compliance requirements such as your usage scenarios, your risk appetite and your organisation’s devices to recommend a high-level security and compliance roadmap.

    • Analysis of your existing Office 365 and Azure configuration, if applicable
    • Overview of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSS) and HMG Cyber Security recommendations
    • Review of your InfoSec policies
    • Analysis of your user access scenarios, device access scenarios, organisational risk appetite
    • Azure AD Conditional Access design and implement
    • Microsoft Intune MDM
    • Microsoft Intune App Protection (BYO)
    • Unified Sensitivity labeling
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Kolumbus Logo Only 2



    Visualise organisational data with Kolumbus. 


    Struggling to find and understand your organisational data? Kolumbus allows you to visualise and analyse the data your organisation creates, using data insights to make informed business decisions.

    New technologies have eased the burden of creating mass amounts of data, through increasing the velocity at which data streams in from multiple channels. Big data now drives most modern businesses. Often, organisations’ methods of organising and filing big datasets cannot keep up with the mass influx.

    Holding World 1

    Discover, visualise and analyse your structured and unstructured data with Kolumbus. Kolumbus uses natural language processors (NLP) to understand the semantic context of your data. Its hyper-intuitive cognitive capabilities intelligently extract keywords which accurately describe the content of the data. Allowing you to easily understand the data being created within your organisation.

    Kolumbus has the capability to generate taxonomies, identifying opportunities for your company to drive operational efficiencies.

    90% of data created is defined as unstructured data!   

    The inability to make sense of your data could be stifling your organisation’s opportunities, competitiveness, revenue and growth.   

    Kolumbus supports the following programmes:  

    Microsoft Teams Logo


    Microsoft SharePoint Logo

    SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server

    OneDrive for Business

    OneDrive for Business

    File shares

    File Shares & Network Drives

    Data Discovery

    Data Discovery

    Data migration

    Before attempting data migration, it’s important to follow the process of selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data. In order to select data and perform data cleaning, you must understand the data you’re attempting to move across.  

    Use Kolumbus to answer key questions to help you identify which data it will be beneficial to migrate. This enables you to archive and dispose of irrelevant data clogging up your system. The de-cluttered new system will improve operational efficiency. 

    Generate taxonomies

    Data taxonomy is the classification of data into categories and subcategories. Data taxonomies provide a unified view of the data in an organization, introducing common terminologies and semantics across multiple systems. Kolumbus automatically identifies taxonomies which you can use as part of your information architecture to structure your data. 

    Data Insights

    Get a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s data. Kolumbus allows you to gather all your data on the centralised dashboard. Use the dashboard to navigate, define and query unstructured data. Use the tool’s advanced analytics to find insights.  

    With Kolumbus, the constant stream of data flowing through your organisational processes can be harnessed to discover new business opportunities.  


    Compliance and Security Management

    Kolumbus uses intelligent language processors to identify content which may not be compliant with your organisation’s policies and procedures. This provides a real-time insight into how your compliance program fares against the obligations relevant to your business, industry and the jurisdictions you operate in.   

    Use Kolumbus’ keyword finder to identify key information and respond to regulatory requests such as GDPR. Our data-driven approach will provide you with confidence you’ve got the right programs in place. Our secure software compliments Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre and Azure Information Protection.  

    Secure Data Protection

    Taxonomies add structure to your data and allow you to implement information protection policies. Security features on Kolumbus allow you to label sensitive content. This prevents highly sensitive data being downloaded in bulk or getting into the wrong hands. 

    Training data models



    Kolumbus's dashboard makes use of Microsoft's Power BI data visualisation tools, providing you with a powerful toolset with which to define and query your data set. The dashboard can be easily integrated within your organisation with other Microsoft 365 products and services.

    Trainable data models

    Kolumbus’ out-of-the-box model can already recognise generic categories within your organisation’s data. The product can then be further trained to recognise your organisation’s content and extract quality keywords from the data.   

    What has Kolumbus been used for?

    Kolumbus has been used to improve operational efficiencies, respond to regulatory and compliance requests, identify insider threats and aid migration strategy. Kolumbus is also useful in enhancing productivity at work. When your data is structured, the possibilities are endless.  

    Download Kolumbus Product Information


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    ISO Certified QMS System

    Quality Management System

    ISO certified Quality Management System for Microsoft 365

    Quality Management System (QMS) helps you to define policy procedures and standard operating procedures such as quality records, regulatory requirements, ISO requirements and industry specifications. QMS can be easily tailored to the needs of any organisation. Built specifically for Microsoft 365, it provides smooth integration, versatility and scalability for any organisation.

    ISO Certified QMS


    Comply with industry-specific regulations, instil trust and demonstrate to your supply chain that you comply with relevant regulations and enforcement obligations.


    Remains in control of the risk and issues by proactively monitoring and addressing them. Improve efficiency and reduce your operational costs by streamlining processes.


    Build your reputation within your sector and with your stakeholders by showing that you are following the regulations and continually tracking and developing business processes.

    Internal / External engagement

    Improve your internal, external communication and your business processes by involving and encouraging your organisation to participate and drive your business workflows.

    ISO 9001

    ISO 27001

    ISO 14001

    ISO 45001

    QMS Document Management

    Document and Records Management

    Document Control

    Control's the lifecycle of documents in your organisation, how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. QMS's flexibility enables you to easily adapt to your organisation's culture and requirements. QMS enables you to identify and define processes which protect and govern your documents such as quality manuals, quality procedures, working instructions and quality records.

    Maintain & Improve

    Maintain your organisation's standards and conformity by regularly reviewing your key documentation based upon your organisation's regulatory requirements and document control procedures. QMS simplifies the process at hand and automatically notifying users and groups within your organisation of scheduled review dates based upon the criticality and sensitivity of your documents.

    Leverage features of Microsoft 365

    QMS is built upon Microsoft 365 and leverages a number of products such as SharePoint Online, Azure Information Protection, OneDrive for Business and Power Automate. Some of the document management features that are available include co-authoring, offline syncing, integration with Microsoft Teams and version history to name a few.

    Approval and Control


    Security is at core of our QMS. Granularly control your permissions of who can edit and update key documents within your organisation. Where appropriate, QMS automatically grants and revokes permissions while maintaining a safe environment.

    Archive & Disposition

    QMS automatically archives and disposes of files based upon your organisation's requirements. Ensure that your organisation maintains the latest published single truth of the document at all times. QMS can be integrated with third party systems such as the National Archive supporting key metadata such as the Dublin Core specification.


    QMS supports workflows which ensure that you remain compliant to regulatory requirements and to the relevant ISO standards. QMS's workflows automate business processes from authoring, amending and publishing and distributing your key policies and procedures.

    undraw reviewed docs neeb
    QMS Compliance

    Dashboarding & Auditing


    The QMS dashboard can be used by quality managers and document controllers to provide a holistic view of their organisational records. See for instance which documents need immediate attention or need attention in the near future. Use the dashboard to monitor and implement organisational changes.


    The Quality Management System audits and logs important events whenever there is an input required from an end-user. The audit logs are recorded and kept safely, and are periodically backed-up to ensure that they adhere to your regulatory requirements. Service administrators, Quality Managers should be confident that all activities within the system are recorded and kept safe.

    Download QMS Product Information


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    Cloud Modernisation

    Cloud Modernisation

    You're in the cloud, time to unlock your business potential

    Microsoft Cloud is changing the very fabric of how businesses are operating. With ready access to data, and intelligent new ways to view, analyse and use the information, the cloud has engendered powerful new capabilities which are disrupting entire business models. Let us help you to truly realise your business potential.

    undraw going up ttm5 uai

    Advantages to adopting the cloud

    cost saving


    • Capex -> OpEx
    • Transparency
    • Cost savings



    • Modern application architecture
    • Fast time to market
    • Infinite computer power

    service quality

    Service quality

    • Security and compliance
    • Scalability & Reliability
    • Performance

    money idea

    New scenarios

    • Digital transformation
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Business process automation

    Organisation who have successfully embraced the cloud are reaping the benefits

    Businesses have seen an acceleration from their use of cloud services

    Feel that they are more agile with executing their corporate strategies

    Feel that their workforce is collaborating more efficiently

    Have seen an increase in productivity within their workforce

    Automatic Classification

    With infinite compute and advancements in cognitive technologies such as machine learning, bots, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence the realities and possibilities of tomorrow are becoming a reality. At Konsolute, our experts can help you identify opportunities to leverage cognitive technologies to optimise your business processes and procedures.

    We have extensive experience in applying cognitive technologies in the real world. Auto Classifier was an industry first and revolutionary product which developed at the forefront of emerging cognitive technologies to streamline and automate business processes. This has enabled our clients to augment teams infused with cognitive technologies to increase productivity.

    Business process automation

    Reduce repetitive and routine work while generating insights that employees can use to improve compliance, quality, and speed. In a recent engagement we've helped a distributed organisation to streamline their processes by enabling the collections team to automate routine tasks and as a result this has given them more time to engage with customers to resolve disputes and led to improved cash flow, increased productivity, greater efficiency, and enhanced job satisfaction.

    We help organisations to evaluate how they can leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and automate business processes. Our Cloud Strategy and Readiness offerings are led by readiness and business process automation experts who can understand and suggest the best platform and technology for implementing your business processes.

    process automation

    "Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company. It’s no longer just about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s not about one simple software solution. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company"

    — SATYA NADELLA, CEO, Microsoft

    Satya 1 uai
    Core modernisation

    We can help transition your legacy systems and reimagine and realise them on your cloud platform. Your cloud journey shouldn't be relegated to a lift-and-shift exercise as this may be attractive short-term but can be detrimental to your long-term digitalisation strategy. We can help you find the most optimum path by understand your strategic goals and desires.

    Cloud is the core foundation on which innovation is built and is becoming the most important competitive differentiator. In an era of instantaneous, always-on, tailored interactions, we can help you to lower your overall technical debt. Help you re-engineering your existing legacy systems, refresh ERP systems, and rewrite your line-of-business applications. Your new cloud platform will allow you to maximise your benefits of agility, automation, security, and scalability.

    Connected systems & Integration

    In an ever-connected world and breakthroughs in enterprise gateways, integration layers and common standards, it's becoming easier than ever to connect devices and systems together. We can help you navigate through the complexities of integrating your industry. We'll assess and address all your concerns from security, compliance, regulatory requirements and scalability.

    The common Microsoft cloud platform provides you endless amount of possibilities for connected your connected use-cases. Ever wanted to orchestrate and connect your Microsoft services together? Integrate your Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Online, Planner or even a third-party subsystem and vice versus, the possibilities are endless.

    Cloud Platform Desing