Setup instructions for flows

Setup of Yammer for Onboard

Create a template to customise onboarding expierience

Start the onboarding process as a new joiner

Start the onboarding process as a manager

Edit an existing template

Delete a template which you no longer need

Add a new joiner to Onboard

Add an admin user to Onboard

Removing an user from Onboard

Steps to enable Yammer groups in templates

How to add communities in templates

How to delete a community from a template

Approve a request to join a Team

Join a recommended community as a joiner

Adding more policies to Onboard

Make a policy mandatory to read for new joiners

Add a policy to the onboarding process for new joiners

Make a video mandatory watch for new joiners

Make a video mandatory watch for new joiners

Make a video mandatory watch for new joiners

Request onboarding documents from new employee who is onboarding

Configure settings for Onboard

Instructions to activate your Onboard subscription


Organisational Template – This is the template which is used for the organisation through all departments this can only be edited, users are unable to create multiple organisational templates.

Additional Template – Templates which are customised for each department where admins are able to specify mandatory content to read for the specific department.

Currently, users will be unable to create multiple organisational templates this is to provide a continous welcome screen and process for all joiners

This will be due to a mandatory field not being filled in or incorrect information provided for the Onboard application to proceed

Users with the administrator role are able to edit,create and delete templates except the organisational template where administrators are only able to edit. Members are users who are to be Onboarded to the organisation.

If the user has been added recently the O365 platform will need to sync with Onboard which may take up to 24 hours

Users position in the onboarding process is saved automatically everytime they have started a new screen

As long as the url is a link to a compatible video file you are able to play video files stored on SharePoint

This will be due to the administrator not enabling this optionin Onboard. To enable or disable an administrator will need to go to

Tenant settings > Recommendations