How To Create A New Template

Templates helps departments of an organisation to onboard new joiners by targetting mandatory training and policy material for the department.

A user with the administrator or principal role will need to be added in Onboard and used when the following instructions

Click Manage > Admin from the Onboard welcome screen
From left menu select Admin > Template Management > Click +Create new template
On template creation screen there are different sections to create your new onboarding template
In the Template Details section this would be details of your new template, the name and a description of your template. We would suggest to use a name which will reflect which area of your organisation this template will be used e.g. Accounting Joiners template

A rich text editor will be shown for you to edit, the content entered will be shown as a introduction when a user starts the boarding using this template

Specify the mandatory and recommended videos, for template.
To add a new video fill in the mandatory fields marked with a * > Enter url for Video URL field > Specify if the video is a mandatory video or not > Click +Create Video

When created the video will be shown under Saved videos section

to remove any videos click on under Saved Videos

Recommend Teams, SharePoint and Yammer groups which will be useful to the user for this template e.g. As an accounting template you may recommend an existing accounting Team and Accounting SharePoint site
To add a recommendation select the TeamsSharePoint or Yammer tab (if enabled) > From list click the check box of the item you wish to add
Selected item will be shown under the Recommendations section

Specify the policies which the user will need to read, to add a new policies to the template
To add a policy navigate to the policy you wish to add > Click the checkbox next to policy > This will add document under Stored Documents section > Under is Mandatory switch on or off to make document mandatory or not.

To remove a policy clicknext ot the document under Stored Documents

Following screen will appear

click OK

Create links which user may be interested in
To add a new link fill in the mandatory field marked with a * and click on Create Link

Closing message for users after completing the onboarding for your template
Fill in text you wish to show at the end of the onboarding process for the user
To save your template click on Save
NOTE: All fields with an * is mandatory in the above sections and will need to be filled in before template can be saved.