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PDCA: The powerful and effective 'Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle' for maintaining your Microsoft 365 compliance

Following the PDCA lifecycle is the best way of keeping on top of your compliance checklists and ensuring best practice. Use our Holistic quality management to continually improve your products, people and services. 

Create custom checklists and assign tasks to members of your organization

Carry out your tasks and achieve your standards within your 365 tenancy

Audit your organization with automated reports

Strive to continuously improve your compliance and update your checklist where necessary

In today’s blog we’re going to unpack some of the ways in which our Executive Quality Management System adheres to PDCA guidelines. At Konsolute, we believe that this well established means of lifecycle governance is a great way to achieve best practice. It means that your QMS is constantly striving to improve and develop with the ever changing corporate landscape. So lets break down how our product mirrors this holistic approach to compliance. 

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PLAN: Custom Checklists 

No one compliance checklist is the same because businesses are all unique. Depending on the sector you operate in and the size of your company you need a tailored checklist that works for you. Konsolute QMS Enterprise allows you to implement limitless clauses and tasks within our easy to use interface.

QMS enables you to identify and define processes which protect and govern your documents such as quality manuals, quality procedures, working instructions and quality records. 

Key features: 

  • QMS allows you to grant and revoke permissions while maintaining a safe environment. 
  • Both QMS Lite and QMS Enterprise provide generic basic ISO standard templates that can be applied to your organisation, we work with you to integrate any additional custom standards.
  • Reassure external auditors with predefined certified clauses. 


DO: Your polices and standards

Assign tasks in accordance with business area, risk level, next review date, security classification and document status- we know accountability is a key when it comes to effective the deployment of your compliance checklist.  

  • Create your own certification, clauses, tasks and actions with your preference of metadata. Categorise your clauses according to risk level and due date.  
  • Assign plans to individuals and departments remotely through Microsoft Planner. Define your plans by department and category ie. Improvements. 
  • Automatically notify users and groups within your organisation of scheduled review dates based upon the criticality and sensitivity of your documents. 

 CHECK: Auditing and reporting 

The quality management system audits and logs important events whenever there is an input required from an end-user. Audit logs are recorded and maintained to ensure that they adhere to your regulatory requirements. Service administrators, quality managers should be confident that all activities within the system are recorded and kept safe. 

  • Use the dashboard to monitor your QMS lifecycle and implement organisational changes. 
  • Quickly spot trends in your data and take action  
  • Address how and why documents are rejected 
  • Get visualisations of your data and assess your compliance in a holistic way 
  • Documents are automatically sorted in terms of urgency and severity for efficiency in your dashboard. 
  • When you are required to submit files and evidence to external auditors, QMS Enterprise has complete reports packaged up and ready to go.  

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ACT: Maintain best practice

Optimise the health of your QMS lifecycle now and in the future. QMS can be integrated with third party systems, in the past we have seen the National Archive supporting key metadata such as the Dublin Core specification. Your platform will automatically archive and dispose of files based upon your organisation’s requirements. 

  • Strive for continuous improvement by allowing the experts to review and maintain tasks and actions. 
  •   Ensure that your organisation always maintains the latest published single truth of the document. 
  • Build your reputation within your sector and with your stakeholders by showing that you are following the regulations and continually tracking and developing business processes. 



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