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QMS: An Essential Part of Organizational Best Practice

Faced with the daunting task of paper-based auditing, organizations are now seeking compliance checklists that are automated and capable of remote completion.


Welcome to easier and more effective QMS systems with Konsolute's holistic approach to your quality management lifecycle.

ISO accredited compliance checklists are an essential part of best practice. The fact is, whether your business falls into the healthcare, legal, environmental or nuclear sector, you will be faced with industry specific risks that you need to manage.  

Quality Management should be customer focused, ensuring your end user is receiving unrivalled service. At Konsolute we recognise that checklists, clauses and tasks should be approached with a clear, concise process that is easily reviewed.  Compliance should be driven by evidence and leadership, with the end goal of improving safety and experience.   

What makes our QMS different? 

As companies continue to grow and workplaces become increasingly remote, we recognised that important tasks need to be delegated and assigned in a regional/ local capacity. This is why we’ve bought a unique product to the market that fully integrates with Microsoft planner, empowering your team on the ground through your Microsoft 365 tenancy.  

Our QMS solution has been designed to suit everyone from new businesses looking to implement basic checklists to established multinational corporations. This product is underpinned by the need to reduce potential for human error, minimise preparation for external audit and provide better delegation and traceability. 


ISO Regulations as Standard

 We know that fundamental ISO standards are applicable to businesses across a multitude of sectors so we’ve included them as standard in our Compliance Checklist bundle. This is great for those who are looking for guidance or an introductory trial into the benefits of automating your processes 

ISO standards are widely applicablebut the reality is, each industry is bound to have its own set of specific certifications it must meet. Our compliance checklist can handle limitless standards, clauses and tasks from all sectors. From the airline industry to the medical profession, we’ve helped clients personalise their Compliance with our truly universal QMS. 

For those wanting to exercise the full benefits of the Quality Management System lifecycle, we’ve launched QMS Enterprise. This product works through four key stages that mirror the PDCA continuous business improvement model. PDCA stands for PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT and is the single most effective way to maintain best practice within your organisation.  

QMS Security guaranteed, even in Remote Working Environments

When it comes to your QMS lifecycle, the security of your data should be a given. Compliance checklists are designed to be handled by experts in the field and naturally contain sensitive data. Konsolute’s system means that all metadata is held and made available in your Microsoft 365 tenancy, this means your data can be uploaded, verified and stored without leaving the platform 

Who contributes and shares your data is in your control. With role and group determined access, you’re free to handle your QMS lifecycle through appropriate delegation– the challenges and delays caused by location and time zone differences are a thing of the past. With full Microsoft Planner integration, your QMS can be viewed securely on the 365 platform through any device

Our next blog will dive a little deeper into how we achieve ‘plan, do, check, act’ within our QMS solution. We look forward to sharing this insight with you.

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