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Cybersecurity of the future: Why we include ISO 27001 as standard in our Quality Management System.

Much like 9001 and 14001, 27001 provides a foundational framework for organisations looking to maintain best practice. In the case of 27001, the ISO standard is key for businesses looking to improve their security provision. Below we have unpacked a few of the main reasons we believe 27001 is as fundamental as any other ISO standard, if not more in our current hybrid working environment.

Cybersecurity is absolutely imperative to the smooth running of remote work places and 27001 mitigates data breaches with a risk based approach to information. Naturally, a lot of the benefits of ISO 27001 cross over with other standards, from reducing costs to winning new clients, ISO benefits can be pretty universal. However when it comes to 27001, the security of your cyber spaces and data storage should be an absolute priority.

Cybersecurity Compliance

ISO standards are universally acknowledged, a key benefit of getting certified is your ability to prove your compliance. 27001 can demonstrate to regulators that you also conform to other information security requirements such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act (2018). For organisations looking to tender government contracts in the UK, ISO 27001 will provide you with the new minimum cyber security standard demanded by this body.

Cybercrimes cost the world nearly $600 billion each year, equivalent to 0.8% of the global GDP (Mordor Intelligence, 2020).

Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

This is probably the primary function of ISO 27001, the standard won’t necessarily reduce the amount of cybercriminals attempting to breach your security walls but it will reduce the chance of those attacks succeeding. Through the documentation of polices and processes this standard helps to keep your PDCA cycle continuously looking out for improvements.

Through identifying areas of weakness, ISO 27002 can help your organisation improve its cyber defences.

A Cost Saving Standard

Insufficient information security practices can lead to expensive recovery operations. Whether its human error, misplaced employee trust, data leakage or the crashing of services, security incidents are usually serious and costly. The risk-based nature of ISO 27001 standardises the approach to managing your data security, the knock on effects tend to be big financial savings.

Improves Reputation

Organisations who rigorously audit their processes are better equipped to gain the trust of their clients and retain business. If you work in a sector that demands ISO standards as regulatory compliance legislation, using a QMS system such as QMS will ensure you don’t incur fines or damage to your reputation.

With the implementation of ISO Standards, organisations will often experience and internal shift in reputation too. A tightly run ship will attract the best talent and an eco-system with a focus on data protection and security will be better equipped to adapt to changes and the introduction of further legislation.

Winning New Business

Once again, this boils down to reputation. Potential new leads will always favour a company who can prove they are committed to cybersecurity. In particular, if you are aiming to expand to new international territories and win business further afield, compliance with a global information security standard such as ISO 27001 will seriously help your cause.

Long story short, with proven cybersecurity defences, you’ll spend less time completing tenders. ISO 27001 is an incredibly helpful short hand for demonstrating your competence when submitting tenders to external clients.

Overall, like other universal quality management standards, ISO 27001 is a great way of making sure your organisation is achieving best practice when it comes to compliance. As a by-product, mitigating cyberattacks will bolster your sales and improve your reputation . If you’d like to discuss ISO 27001 further and take it for a spin on our Quality Management System, drop us a line- we’d love to chat.

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55% of business executives plan to increase their budgets for cybersecurity in 2021 (Forbes, 2020).

Quality Management System supports ISO Standards
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