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ISO 14001 - does your organisation do it's bit for the environment?

Earth week has just been and gone, did your organisation do anything to mark the occasion? More importantly, does your business uphold good day-to-day environmental practice?

We’ve been taking a look at the ISO standards that we include for free in our QMS system and today we’d like to discuss ISO 14001.

The welfare of our planet is an unavoidable issue. Ever since David Attenborough launched his appeal for us to reverse the effects of climate change almost a year ago, environmental preservation has become a key focus for many future thinking organisations.

ISO 14001 is the world’s leading environmental management system helping organisations to reduce waste, improve efficiency, stay up to date with legislation, improve company reputation and pre-qualify for tenders. It seems that the move towards environmentally minded business models are here to stay, with the UK pledging in 2019 to have achieved zero net carbon emissions by 2050 and the sale of electric cars set to boom in the next decade. It’s no wonder hundreds of organisations are choosing to invest in the framework provided by ISO 14001.

So let’s unpack some of the ways in which ISO 14001 can positively transform your organisational processes and address the mounting pressure for companies to take responsibility for their personal impact on the environment.

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Save money and the planet

Wouldn’t it be great if your efforts to reduce emissions also helped cut costs? Conserving energy and input materials as well as decreasing incidents that can cause an organisation to sustain possible law suits and liability expenses are all a part of ISO 14001.

Corporate and social responsibility

ISO 14001 places a large focus on company environmental waste- the tasks set out by the standard aim to identify areas where waste is being over produced and guide organisations on how to offset these emissions. Established companies have the potential to lead the way on taking action against climate change- their sheer size means they have a far greater impact that the individual consumer. Internally, taking responsibility for your environmental impact fosters a positive attitude amongst employees and a green reputation is likely to attract great new starters to your business.

A green reputation

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to display their active efforts in the war on global warming. ISO 14001 proves to your customer base that you take your environmental responsibility seriously and are more likely to be recognised as a credible, sustainable company. As we move into a greener future, CEOs would be wise to invest in tech that controls and improves environmental impact. In fact, last year 69% of businesses won new business through improving their environmental reputation. Being clean sells.

Continuous improvement

Automate your quality management with a continuous cycle of assessment and action. Like most ISO standards, 14001 is all about ongoing improvement- identifying areas where your environmental impact isn’t quite where it should be and addressing them with practical tasks. Processes, guidelines and systems are constantly changing so organisations need to have an adaptable strategy to ensure best practice. ISO 14001 encourages your business framework to take on an environmentally positive lens and make sure you are ahead of the game when it comes to compliance.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to improve your carbon footprint, actively reduce your environmental impact or just interested to learn more about how we support ISO standards, we’d love to chat. We include ISO 14001 free in our QMS system because we know the value of customer trust, employee confidence and new business opportunities. Establishing and maintaining better environmental awareness in your company’s processes is the first step towards contributing to the collective global effort on climate change.

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Last year 69% of businesses won new business through improving their environmental reputation.

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