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ISO 45001 – The most robust international framework for Occupational Health and Safety to date.

Health and Safety is changing, it is no longer treated as a standalone concept, instead it is part of a cycle that ensures the sound and sustainable running of an ecosystem- ideally working alongside other ISO standards to provide complete governance of your organisation.

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, the new deadline for getting your company aligned with 45001 Health and Safety guidelines is the 30th September 2021. Companies previously operating under the OHSAS 18001 framework will need to make structural changes and modifications to their processes in order to achieve this new certification. During such unprecedented times, our Quality Management System is the best way to integrate new standards and streamline your digital processes.

Despite the rise in remote working, there are some sectors who will always need a physical workplace to carry out their essential work. From nuclear plants to manufacturing centres, these workplaces rely on health and safety standards to make sure their workers take the necessary measures to get home safely at the end of the working day.

When ISO 45001 came into action in 2018, an estimated 693,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries, according to self-reports ( making this one of the UK’s most eagerly anticipated new standards to be released. Now, in 2021 the proof is in the implementation, with thousands of organisations using the standard to improve the quality of workplace conditions, increasing the provision of protective measures and crucially reduce incidents.

Here at Konsolute, we recognise that for many workplace-based industries, ISO 45001 is foundational to good practice that’s why we include it as standard in our Quality Management System.

Positive Environment

Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and others; encourage your employees to take an active role in the implementation of these standards. In industries that contain risk factors, its good practice to be able to reassure your workers that you’re making active efforts to improve the safety of their surroundings.

Developing a system for Occupational Health and Safety that can be internationally benchmarked with recognised standards demonstrates a commitment to your organisational wellbeing.


Prevent deaths, work-related injury and ill-health; in new developments to Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 45001 considers both risk and opportunity. This is an inclusive standard that considers the views of workers, keeping the PDCA cycle proactive. It’s all about mitigating avoidable incidents and making sure your processes remain streamlined.

Continuous Improvement

Continually improving OHS performance because health and safety within organisations have to contend with constantly changing contexts which demand ‘reflection’. ISO 45001 is not an off-the-shelf certificate that can be relied upon without further input.

Moreover, certified organisations are required to have annual review audits, during which the effectiveness of the Management System is evaluated and the commitment to improvement explored. This ensures processes remain current and fit-for-purpose. The relevance and rigorous framework are directly linked to organisational reputation and a growth in client base.


Better reputation is a by-product of almost all Quality Management Systems, especially those which employ universally recognised standards. In the same breath, we can all think of famous examples of Health and Safety gone wrong- depending on the sector human error can lead to decades of damage, think Hiroshima. The damage these events can cause to organisations can be irreparable at worst and costly at best.

ISO 45001 will enable you to put controls in place to ensure you project ethical and responsible values. Standards such as ISO 45001 are a gateway that will allow you to become a champion of good practice and social responsibility should you choose.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

Cutting your costs as an organisation is always a great idea for ROI. Fines imposed for Health and Safety breaches, failures to adhere to international legislation and increased insurance claims can all lead to nasty increases in expenditure. Being proactive as opposed to reactive and protecting your workforce is the best way to avoid these costs- it’s also the right thing to do on a human level.

Robust Occupational Health and Safety solutions are essential to almost all organisations, no matter the size or sector. ISO 45001, paired with other universal standards will help ensure your QMS system is rigorous and effective. It’s why we include it for free on our compliance checklist. Want to know more? Lets chat, hit the button below.

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