5 Ways Modern Intranet Systems Can Help Your Business Blossom

Intranet systems are a hotbed of company culture. A central hub, used by organizations the world over, to share information, collaborate and operate effectively. Often, to the exclusion of access by outsiders.

Here are 5 ways a modern intranet system can help your business blossom:

1) Improves Internal Communication:

A modern intranet enables employees to connect to a wide team and gain essential feedback from colleagues and managers. Colleagues can have open and ongoing discussions and continually share progress. Bringing internal corporate communication into one place empowers individuals by giving them a voice and enabling them to quickly gain company knowledge.

Moreover, the intranet brings multi-locational teams together because it’s not restricted to one time-zone or location. This makes it easier for all the branches of a company to connect. Employees can easily stay true to the overarching company values, no matter how far from headquarters they are. Teams can be managed from abroad, without having to schedule complicated meetings adhering to different time-zones.

2) Improves Organizational Clarity:

Keeping everything on one central hub enhances organizational clarity. Intranets have a simple user interface, and rich search tool, enabling employees to stay in the loop and find essential information.

Other features, such as bio’s and profiles add rich layers of clarity and help employees understand the roles and responsibilities of others within the company.

3) Reduction of Admin:

Gone are the days of e-mailing colleagues and waiting hours for a response. The modern intranet allows immediate connection with all levels of management, through integrated chat features. This keeps everyone informed and garners project feedback quickly. With the intranet system, meetings no longer need to be scheduled ahead of time but instead can occur naturally through instant video features integrated within intranet systems.

4) Increases Knowledge Sharing:

Many questions have been raised about how to improve employee engagement during COVID-19. Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its employees. So, the onus is on management to introduce work methods and policies that nurture emotional connections between employees and their workplaces. People are likely to work harder when they feel immersed in company culture. The intranet brings company culture to life in the ways mentioned above. Engaged employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave.

This is mostly due to increased knowledge sharing. Intranets allow organic knowledge sharing to grow through person-to-person connections. Knowledge experts are visible and easy to get hold of. Experts can get involved in forum style conversations via Teams or disperse important learning throughout the company, ensuring employee’s feel they’re constantly learning.

5) Reinforcing Brand Values:

Customizing your intranet creates an internal branding opportunity. Through including an organizational logo, motto, and colors, employees are reminded about the company they are working for. It shows the employee isn’t working on an island but is part of a vast community. This fosters engagement more so than working from bland or ordinary pages.

Check out our intranet here!

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