When governing your Microsoft 365 platform. Does one size fit all?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenge of onboarding new staff members. The work from home initiative creates a virtual barrier between employers and employees, as online interviews and e-communication become the new normal.

Onboard by Konsolute has moved with the times. A virtual platform that allows new hires to integrate with vast online communities, Onboard gives new hires utter transparency about the job role and requirements and helps them wholly affiliate themselves with the company’s vision and policies, all from day one.

Transparency & Compliance

Onboard provides a platform that supports staff, keeping them both safe and motivated. The Onboard platform provides mandatory compliance videos, introductory policies, procedures, links, and documents. This ensures employees are clear on the rules that govern the company, the company vision, and tasks they should be completing at each step of their onboarding process. These tasks can be extensively tailored for each role and individual, giving the hiring manager complete control over their access and permissions. Users are also presented with mandatory and recommended joining procedures that must be completed before the employee can continue enrolling, safeguarding your new hire against workplace errors and injury as well as protecting the company by providing concrete evidence that safety videos have been shown.

Creating a community

New employees can often feel lost in new companies, be they large or small. Onboard allows them to create a profile about themselves, which is mutually beneficial to the new employee and the corporation. The bio provides an overview of relevant interests, which are then automatically uploaded on to Delve, connecting new employees with likeminded colleagues. The automated system simultaneously picks up on keywords, showcasing expertise and passions which may be useful to the company later. This allows employers to orchestrate relevant teams quickly and easily for niche tasks.

Onboard also provides a hierarchical view of the company ladder. Connecting new hires to those they report to and the wider organisation, as it would be in a physical office setup. Important documents, news, and information can be easily sent to them by relevant staff members. Onboard furthers this immersive experience by intelligently recommending knowledge, research, and communities based on your new hire’s profile.

Administrative control

Onboard’s virtual administration takes the hassle out of mundane onboarding procedures in many ways. Within role specific templates, reporting managers and other administrative figures can be assigned to the new hires, providing useful uploads, announcements, teams, and documents in order to ensure that all information given to each new employee is relevant to their specific role. 

Managers can then visualise statistics for task completion, engagement, and interaction via the Onboard dashboard. Running reports enables them to make the necessary operational changes to engage employees and ensure the tasks at hand are being completed. The dashboard adds further convenience by flagging missing documents such as bank details and passport scans. This ensures new employees can quickly and effectively communicate their onboarding status, speeding up the entire process.

Why is the onboarding process so important?

Repeated failure to integrate new employees will always be detrimental to a company, with an increase in staff turnover leading to higher recruitment and training costs. Even pre-COVID, a staggering 88% of employees believed that their new employer did a poor job with the onboarding process, with 22% of hires quitting their roles because of serious issues in their initial integration into the company. It’s clear to us that the onboarding process is undervalued, and in desperate need of adaptation. Employees will feel more motivated if their onboard experience has followed a methodical, nurturing and logical timeline and new employee retention will save your company both time and money.

Built for Microsoft 365 SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Delve to improve your organisation and new hires’ seamless, integrated experience.

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