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Reflekt for Education series

The quality of online learning provision is now a 'key consideration' in student university choices.

Reflekt Wizard Setup

In this first instalment of a mini blog series by Konsolute, we’re looking at why students value virtual learning and how our Reflekt for Education programme has answered institutional demand for improved learning communities in Microsoft 365.

In a recent survey 52% of HR officials said they believe that in the future, most advanced degrees will be earned online. It seems that younger generations are recognising that virtual is the future, with remote learning becoming the new normal in March last year. Despite it being forced upon them, many students have actually enjoyed the flexibility of remote working. Virtual access to learning means students are no longer constrained by the set times of physical lectures. There is now the previously abstract possibility that future year groups will be able to attend prestigious campuses without committing to the upheaval of relocating.  

With an undeniable shift towards online learning in the UK, Konsolute have designed Reflekt for Education to provide the ultimate holistic tool for your end-to-end online processes. When done right, online learning platforms can be seen to increase student participation and virtual forums create a level playing field for everyone to contribute to class discussion. Students are no longer at the mercy of outspoken classmates and professionals waste less time dealing with challenging individuals. (Teachers currently spend 16 days a year dealing with bad behaviour) In fact, most students agree that controlled elearning provides a far more positive environment for productivityWith Reflekt for Education, admin users can ensure a safe community for students with complete control over groups, projects and tasks.  

A holistic approach to virtual learning

We all know that education is about more than just learning, its where we go for a taste of independence, social interaction and new friendships. At Konsolute, we know that creating personalised groups will help replicate the extra-curricular needs of your students. We’ve used advanced AI to assess the requirements of each individual within your Microsoft 365 tenancy and guide them towards smart recommendations. Whether its pre-existing documentation, projects or groups, Reflekt will assist and enhance thstudent journey.   

Let’s get down to business, virtual learning is generally more efficient and cost-effective, which are important factors at a time when higher education and student budgets are tighter than ever. Market research from Deloitte indicates that there is more pressure than ever on IT leaders to stick to lower budgets and deliver on digital initiatives – a 40% more increase in 2020. With Reflekt, we’re aiming to encourage the intake numbers in traditional world-class institutions with the possibility of reduced study costs for students studying virtually.  

We've reinvented student interaction

The global proliferation of communication technology and the expectation that students can work anytime, anywhere are pushing the education sector to create virtual learning programs that can be accessed securely from any device. As a by product, student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction has been reinvented, discourse is now far more regular, informal and relaxedReflekt can be integrated into any Microsoft application, so whether your community enjoys developing through Teams, Yammer or SharePoint they can do this anytime and from any device.  

It’s safe to say that students want the future of Higher Education and Corporate Learning to be digitalised, with blended learning providing an ideal environment for productivity. We believe Reflekt for Education is the perfect tool to create your successful virtual learning hub

In our next blog we’ll be looking at how Reflekt can transform the teaching experience for professionals in the sector.  


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Corporate e-learning takes 60% less time to complete when compared to traditional learning.

Did you know that we host live demos so you can see our product in action? Click below to request a showcase of how Reflekt can revolutionise your online learning environment.


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