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Reflekt for Education series

Reflekt for Education

Security, governance and safe contribution are key to successful learning environments

In this second blog in a series on TechEd, we’re looking at the impact of virtual learning on student security within their educational institutions.

As IT departments at schools and colleges undergo digital transformation, most recognize they need to upgrade their security systems as well. Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and the rest of your tenancy provide a great foundation for online collaboration but the lack of admin control leaves room for abuse. 

It has become clear that online communities are a target, with recent cyberattacks in the Midlands proving governance is more important than ever. It also seems that as students get older and subjects diversify, sensitive information becomes a very real issue. The data security of trainee psychologists, doctors or lawyers go hand in hand with increased risk to security breaches 

How does Reflekt enhance online security? 

Reflekt offers complete control and oversight of your learning community with an admin centre that enables you to create foundational templates. From the moment you begin to build your environmentyou can outline your policies and preferences to align with your organisational standards. These templates can be defined once and then replicated and shared with your whole organisation.   

With Reflekt, your data, documentation and projects never have to leave your Microsoft 365 tenancy. Now you can use simple tags to determine student access within the safety of our platformWe’ve also harnessed the power of AI to identify orphaned Microsoft Teams and SharePoint projects that are no longer in use to keep your community streamlined. 

One of the tasks educational leaders find most frustrating in maintaining an online platform is the lack of visibility and control over infinite numbers of groups. Now students can be directed to Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 groups which appear similar to those they are trying to create– never worry about duplicated, unmonitored areas of your organization again.  

How can governance improve the quality of student work? 

We all like a bit of guidance from time to time and with virtual learning it can be easy to lose the interest of your audience. But with improved boundaries and guidance, students are far more likely to engage authentically with set tasksOne study suggests that personalized or enhanced online learning provision increases participation by 32%. With this in mind, our AI can direct students depending on their interests, capabilities and subject choices. Reflekt is that helping hand to guide students to secure groups where they can share and store tasks without leaving the Microsoft 365 platform. 

Students can now get feedback on their work like never before, with a 24/7 online community, individuals can remedy their queries without waiting for archaic email responses or face to face meetings.  

When it comes to youadvanced settings, Reflekt enables you to define all aspects of your template such as, theme, navigation, SharePoint fields, SharePoint Content Types, SharePoint pages, SharePoint webparts. With this level of governance, students are more engaged and safer than ever before. Just watch as the quality of students’ work and the enjoyment of their studies sky rockets. 


Encourage Independence and creativity in adult life

Whether we like it or not, online learning goes hand in hand with increased accountability. Organisations these days are often looking for self-starters, those who can motivate themselves without overbearing management. We recognise that virtual learning is a fantastic opportunity to nurture this skill, and yeit is still important to provide protection and limitations on those freedoms – although creative expression is great, we understand that your institutional values are uncompromising. 

Konsolute’s Reflekt for Education is the cloud solution that sits between current ungoverned virtual communities and traditional in person learning, providing templates for productivity. We feel that it has the potential to carry our younger generation through that transition of face-to-face primary learning to young adult independent study.  



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Personalised or enhanced online learning provision increases participaiton by almost a third

Did you know that we host live demos so you can see our product in action? Click below to request a showcase of how Reflekt can revolutionise your online learning environment.


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