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We've just updated Reflekt with some new and exciting features and enhancements

Today we’re excited to announce an update to Reflekt which enables you to associate Microsoft 365’s compliance and security features into your Reflekt Templates.

Reflekt is an automation and governance tool for organisations using Microsoft 365. Reflekt automates the management and administration of your Microsoft 365 platform. Reflekt enables you to bake your information architecture, security and compliance into Reflekt templates. This enables you to streamline processes for your end-users and get them started with quickly and efficiently.

Reflekt 2

Reflekt acts as a broker layer which works directly with your underlying Microsoft 365 tenant. Reflekt Templates enables you to cherry pick these features and make them available through a Template to your organisation.

The intuitive wizard guides users through the process of creation. The intelligent discoverability suggest Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and 365 Groups and increasing visibility within the organisation and reducing duplication and site sprawl.

We’ll be blogging about the new features and enhancements over the next few series to demonstrate how these features can be used by your organisation to drive compliance, security and automate processes.

Release notes

New features

Begin to govern and automate your Microsoft 365 platform

  • Templates can be associated to Sensitivity labels
  • Templates can define their own approver/s


  • Simplification of the consent process
  • Simplification of sign-up and sign-in processes
  • Telemetry

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