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Your Health Check Series

Have you been neglecting your health? 

This week, we're taking you through our brand new product. Health Check provides a unique insight into your organization's functionality, empowering governance in your M365 tenancy.

mental health awareness

As the global trend for digital transformation grows exponentially, so does the lack of governance over data. What’s more, heads of departments, CFOs and CEOs alike are unaware of the virtual tangle that their organisations are creating. This is inline with CoreView Research that indicates 50% of M365 users are not managed by default security policies

In the past year companies around the globe have adopted Microsoft 365 as a remote working solution and a way of storing copious amounts of sensitive information. Despite this, many are unaware that their tenancies are almost entirely ungoverned. Both internal users and guests can create unlimited groups chats and projects leading to an unmonitored organisation. So the question is, have you been neglecting your health and if so, are you worried that it might not be as good as it appears? Here at Konsolute we’ve designed a unique product that instantly provides you with a useful visualisation of your organisation’s teams, channels and apps. We’ve created a calculation from key metadata that results in an overall percentage, this number can be used as a guide to areas of negligence and a prompt for improvements. 

What To Expect

We believe that having better awareness of your organisations cloud community and functionality shouldn’t cost you the earth, so your health check is on us. No hidden fees and the option to use this service as regularly as you see fit. Results are generated instantly and you will be presented with a percentage that indicates how we feel your virtual organisation is performing.

Your percentage is taken from five key pieces of metadata:

  • Number of teams
  • Number of apps
  • Teams with guests
  • Total guests
  • Total storage used

These are just some of our information extraction points, catch up with us in a follow up blog later this week, when we get into the nitty gritty of all the metadata we assess.

We’ve Got A Remedy For That

So now you’re sat facing a percentage. You may feel like you’ve scored well- a solid 70% with some room for improvement but nothing needing the emergency room. Then again, perhaps your score is a worrying 20%, you were aware your teams, projects and groups had been growing exponentially in the past year due to remote working, but things are worse that you’d imagined. You know that if you let this percentage go untreated, its unlikely to improve and it’s only a matter of time before that lack of control and governance lands you in some hot water.  

This health check is all about empowering you and your organisation to have better oversight and a more streamlined approach to the ‘creative process.’ It’s a well-known fact that power is knowledge and now the power is in your hands. With this detailed breakdown of your data storage, you can easily identify areas of your business that need attention, third party involvement that may lead to security breaches and orphaned projects to name just a few. Addressing these governance issues is where our Reflekt product comes in.  

It Feels Like A Good Time TReflekt  

Konsolute designed Reflekt after witnessing the dangers of hyper-flexible M365 tenancies. Reflekt is a unique product that addresses the severe risk posed by the unknown whereabouts of data and the unmonitored activity of employees. We were sick of seeing sensitive file breaches, orphan projects and duplicated groups because private departments can’t see what exists outside of their own four walls. We were also hearing Heads of IT suffering at the hands of ‘bottle necks’ in an attempt to manage accesses without automation. Reflekt sits between these two situations, we empower admin to govern creativity and encourage users with automated workflows. 

If you like the sound of this, and more importantly, if your Health Check suggests Reflekt could be a much-needed tonic, hit the Calendly button below and let’s have a chat. We’re champions of positive digital transformations and would love to help you unpack your metrics and results.   

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