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Reflekt for Education series

How Reflekt is enabling educators to streamline the delivery of end-to-end online learning.

In this final instalment on our discussion of Reflekt in the Education Sector, we’re looking at the Educators themselves and how our cloud solutions are transforming their day-to-day experience of virtual teaching.

This year, the EDU sector has proven that in the UK we are unrelentingly focused on the procurement of our future generation and rightly so. Making sure our young adults have access to lessons no matter the cost or method has been a theme of the past twelve months, with Boris and his medical advisors maintaining that schools are of the utmost priority- always the last to close and the first to open.

But what about the professionals who run these institutions? The educators who have been pushed to get innovative in the past year and imagine up engaging online material. How can our education leaders provide them with the support and reassurance they need to deliver successful blended learning in the future?

One thing is for sure, the rapid digitalisation of learning environments is here to stay- the benefits of virtual learning are just too good to park once the world returns to normal. Niamh Muldoon, global data protection officer at cyber security company OneLogin, believes that cloud technology will make quality education available to more people. “By moving resources to the cloud, educational institutions are able to create virtual classrooms. This makes education more affordable and enables academic institutions to reach a greater number of students,” she says. Here at Konsolute, we think that sounds like a positive future.


Here to make cloud adoption hassle free

On the whole, it has to be said that adult professionals struggle to adopt technology as quickly as their student counterparts. Thats why we’ve created a super simple interface that guides you with AI. Admin users can specify templates and apply them to groups, this format is completely scalable and can be implemented across departments and year groups.

Reflekt provides the reassurance and governance you need in your Microsoft tenancy, it creates manageable Teams and Sharepoint platforms. Educators can now exercise real confidence in their ability to deliver online lessons, set assignments, share educational resources, mark assessments and communicate with both students and parents.

Building better teacher-pupil relationships


Reflekt for education means your learning communities are more connected than ever. We feel that integrating knowledge rather keeping it in silos and sharing facts not speculation, unintentionally or otherwise, can help make student data as visible as possible to educators. Improved communication leads into better relationships and a deeper understanding of the learning material.

The EDU sector has certainly seen a rise in innovative teaching techniques and in response Konsolute have created a product that enables this creativity. From lecture delivery, webinars, Interactive conferencing and project setting, all of your teaching tools can be handled within your tenancy.


The Submission and grading process has never been quicker

Gone are the days of carrying home handfuls of written essays to grade from your kitchen table, with student work stored and graded securely on your Microsoft365 platform. Whether you prefer your organisation to create and submit work on Teams, Projects or Sharepoint, we’ve designed an application that governs your whole tenancy.

School and university isn’t just about grades, we know that a holistic approach is key when it comes to the end-to-end learning process. Reflekt for Education offers a personalized approach because pupil needs are constantly evolving and your organizational requirements are different from one term to the next. We encourage you to chop and change your settings in the admin centre and apply those changes to departments, individuals and projects. In an ever-changing world, Reflekt brings your students the flexibility to achieve great grades.​

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Educators save on average 2.5 hours a week grading papers with online methods

Did you know that we host live demos so you can see our product in action? Click below to request a showcase of how Reflekt can revolutionise your online learning environment.


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