Dreading your next updates? Let Virtual Academy guide you through

As an organisation, it can be easy to let product updates wash over us without checking that employees are utilising or have even noticed the new capabilities available to them. Aside from being a clear waste of resources, this can also result in discrepancies between the working styles and abilities of different employees, limiting the cohesive nature of our working environment.

This is where Konsolute’s Virtual Academy comes in. Virtual Academy is a Learning Management system (LMS), a product made with the intention of training and informing your organisation about Microsoft 365 products in a user-friendly and accessible way. Rather than just training staff once, Virtual Academy is a permanent feature of an organisation, accompanying your workforce throughout their Microsoft 365 journey, training employees on each and every update to the capabilities their organisation’s Microsoft 365 subscription can offer them. In this blog post we’ll run you through the key features that make Virtual Academy the perfect tool for training and maintaining your workforce’s Microsoft 365 utilisation.

Centralising Information

Virtual Academy’s centralised portal makes it easier than ever to communicate the latest information. Gone are the days of various instruction sheets and training videos kept across disparate websites, SharePoint sites, and hard drives; Virtual Academy brings all the relevant information together into one easy-to-access location, taking much of the stress out of finding and accessing training resources. Virtual academy’s portal provides a central communications platform that can be tailored to suit your organisation, enabling you to specify which information should be targeted at various people in different department, as well as giving all employees access to resources regarding new changes, such as Microsoft 365 training and products.

Community and Collaboration

With Virtual Academy, all questions are guaranteed to be answered. Participants are able to post a question to the community at large, allowing anybody with the relevant knowledge to answer it, at any time from anywhere! The central platform allows collaboration and interaction with peers to get pressing questions answered as quickly and effectively as possible.

Self-Paced Learning

Learning anything new can be daunting, often as a result of information being conveyed too quickly to recipients who do not yet have a fundamental understanding of the content at hand. Virtual Academy can solve these common issues by providing all necessary information, from basics to advanced, all in one place, including advice on how Microsoft 365 products can be used effectively in each member of staff’s specific role and positively change their working style. All of this information can be read in each user’s own time, allowing for a convenient and pleasant learning process.

Mentor Responsibilities

Everyone benefits from being led in the right direction when learning any new skill, as this maintains relevancy in the learning journey. With Virtual Academy, designated Learning Administrators can take control of the platform, providing the right learning material and additional resources to each employee so as to personalise and improve the learning experience.

A Personalised Journey

Virtual Academy can be completely personalised to suit each learner’s style and needs. Administrators can specify programmes, features, and resources suitable for each learner’s job role, even specifying the order in which resources should be viewed, ensuring each individual receives the optimal learning experience. New features and updates are then recommended according to each learner’s job specification and demands.  

Keeping up with the Latest Changes

Through automatic push notifications, Virtual Academy provides you with the latest updates and changes to its resources, ensuring that your organisation adjusts to the changes with ease and is continually optimising its use of Microsoft 365; increasing the organisation’s overall efficiency.

Implementing a comprehensive, personalisable, and up to date Learning Management System can be the key difference in ensuring that your workforce uses its Microsoft 365 capabilities to the full, supporting effective collaboration and efficient working. Let Konsolute’s Virtual Academy optimise your organisation’s use of Microsoft 365, keeping your capabilities up to date and everything running smoothly. Learn more about virtual academy here


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