Let a Modern Intranet System be your Key to a Cohesive Working from Home Environment

Maintaining regular communication between colleagues is now more important than ever. With many of us locked away at home rather than in the office, it can be so easy to allow a lapse in communication slowly erode our hard-worked connections between workmates. Sending emails and organising meetings with co-workers that we usually just catch up with during our breaks is inefficient and can become taxing, making maintaining a connection with our colleagues feel like a chore.  

It’s time to get an intranet. 

Intranets are incredibly important for modern organisations to maintain a cohesive working environment yet are not often championed as key players in the workplace toolkit. Many people may associate intranets with clunky, outdated software systems full of confusing forms and unnecessary files. The software, however, has evolved, and there are modern intranet systems available that run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.  

Particularly with some or all of your workforce working remotely, an evolved intranet system can be an essential factor in promoting a cohesive team culture and atmosphere, allowing team members to remain caught up with one another and organisation-wide news at the click of a button. Here’s how a modern intranet system, such as Konsolute’s, could help you get work done and stay connected remotely. 

1. Improved Internal Communication  

Although it is the most obvious benefit of a modern intranet, this one really does bear repeating: a modern intranet is one of the most effective ways of encouraging communication across your organisation. Leadership can stay in touch with the workforce, departments can provide clear updates, individuals can share knowledge, and different teams can have open discussions. An Intranet streamlines communication by bringing it all into one central location shared by all team members, establishing an organisation-wide atmosphere of collaboration. The intranet also opens communication channels in both directions; any member of the organisation can share information or content, and any other member can comment on it and continue the discussion. This empowers every individual with their own voice as well as with company-wide knowledge and comradery.  

2. Easy Access to Information  

Your intranet is a vast pool of information, containing everything from details of the next social meeting to the most recently updated health forms. Having information like this to hand is important in helping employees remain productive as well as feeling connected to the business. Rather than having to email around members of various departments, an intranet will enable members to easily find all relevant information and documentation, or the correct person to contact, by themselves. Particularly when working remotely, an easy-to-use intranet with a search tool allows employees to find any information they need and keep themselves in the loop 

3. Reducing meetings and emails  

Particularly when working remotely, constantly communicating through email or video call can easily become tiresome and taxing. The communication features of a modern intranet make discussions between colleagues, departments, and teams effortless. This will unclutter inboxes of needless emails, making communication and organisation much more efficient and streamlined. This will also reduce the need for large group meetings, instead informing members across the organisation through less formal channels via the intranet system and, in turn, freeing up employees’ calendar time and making work hours more flexible.  

4. Revivify your Workplace Culture  

Maintaining a workplace culture can be difficult without a physical workplace. An organisation cannot exist without its people, and it’s these people that are the central focus of a modern intranet. By bringing these people together, a modern intranet will bring the best out of your team members and enrich your company and workplace culture in the process. A good intranet will become the central hub of company activity, both work-related and social; one which takes on the characteristics of the company itself and becomes a focal point of company culture.  

5. Boosting Recognition and Reward 

Giving regular recognition and appraisal is a very important part of your relationship with your employees. Gaining recognition for their hard work improves engagement amongst employees and gives them a sense of satisfaction and pride in their work. It’s easy to show your colleagues and employees that you appreciate their work through a modern intranet which features a live feed and regular company news. Say thank you to your employees in a company-wide forum so that everyone can celebrate each other’s success and take [ride in their own contribution to your organisation.  

6. Connecting your organisation across time zones and locations  

A Modern Intranet is designed to be the central online hub of your organisation; the place where news is shared, events are planned, and conversations happen. With information being put online for team members to see at any time, your modern intranet will bring teams across various locations together into seamless communication. This allows each employee to gain insight into what’s happening in your organisation regardless of where they’re based, facilitating communication between colleagues across the world, both inside and out of the office.  

7. Reinforcing your brand and values  

A modern intranet provides multiple avenues through which your company can promote its core values and ideals. This can include activities such as sharing web articles that articulate your values or recognising employees in a public forum for exemplifying company values. Keeping employees aware of your company’s values helps build a strong brand message and working style, ensuring that all employees work within the company aims.  

8. Providing Organisational Clarity  

An intranet with easy-to-read and use charts and planners makes the set-up and wider procedures of your company clear to all employees. This means that, rather than relying on leadership or colleagues to inform them on important organisational matters, each employee has access to the same information and is notified of all events or groups which may be of interest to them. Individual profiles and bios also allow employees to understand the roles of other team members throughout the organisation, enabling them to gain a wider image of the company’s set-up.  

Overall, an intranet is a very powerful tool and should be an important part of your organisation’s arsenal. It can streamline organisation, boost employee engagement, and keep your workforce connected, wherever they may be in the world. Once you have decided to implement an intranet, however, you need to make sure you get the right one in order to reap the maximum benefits. This is where Konsolute’s state-of-the art free Modern Intranet comes in. Our intranet provides all the services discussed above and many more to your organisation completely for free, no strings attached. Try our easy-to-use and professional intranet system to streamline your workforce and keep them communicating and engaged whilst working at home.   

Check out Konsolute’s Modern Intranet here


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