When governing your Microsoft 365 platform. Does one size fit all?

Identify Legacy Workflows in your Organisation's SharePoint with Konsolute’s Free Workflow Discovery Tool

Microsoft has announced the retirement of 2010 SharePoint Workflows as of the 1st of November 2020. As part of the constant evolution of their world-leading 365 services. Microsoft has concluded that their replacing these legacy workflows with modern workflow solutions will better serve their customers. Whilst SharePoint 2010 Workflows have been removed from all new tenants, they have yet to be retired from existing tenants, a measure which will come into effect on the 1st of November 2020. After this point, Microsoft 365 customers will be able to use SharePoint 2013 or Power Automate instead.

However, Microsoft are expecting SharePoint 2013 workflows to follow a similar path in the future, and as such it is highly recommended that organisations migrate to Power Automate to save themselves time and energy in the near future. Organisations the world over depend on SharePoint for their essential processes, many of which are built upon Legacy Workflows. Consequently, if they do not act soon to migrate these workflows, countless organisations stand at risk of losing the automated process that are crucial to their business operation, losing data as well as costing precious time and money.

To further complicate the issue, SharePoint 2010 workflows in an organisation are accessible to any members of the workforce, meaning your organisation could have Legacy Workflows hidden in any area and at any level of your Microsoft 365 system. This is where Konsolute come into the equation. Our free Workflow Discovery is a reporting tool which identifies Legacy Workflows across your organisation’s SharePoint sites.

Workflow Discovery is simple and easy to use; with its one-click automated process, you can use the tool with no need for manual configuration. Once automated, workflow Discovery will quickly and securely scan your sites, sub-sites, lists, and libraries before providing you with a detailed report of any Legacy Workflows identified within your organisation. Powered by Konsolute’s secure cloud system, Workflow Discovery takes away the hassle of finding Legacy Workflows. Once Legacy Workflows have been identified, the next step is to migrate them to modern Power Automate workflow solutions. Although content won’t be lost during a transition process, all migration of workflows is a manual process. As such, these processes require expertise and can be very time consuming for an organisation to undertake itself.

Rest assured, Konsolute once again are here to help. Once we have identified your Legacy Workflows, we can work with you to migrate them all into up-to-date, modern workflow solutions. Our professionals will take care of the entire migration process, monitoring your workflows from start to finish to ensure that your data is preserved, and your business operations continue seamlessly. Don’t get caught out this November. Get in touch and allow us to handle the modernisation of Workflows across your organisation.

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