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Consulting Services to leverage your pandemic data and empower your hybrid working environments

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be looking at how your end-to-end workforce processes can be transformed as we move towards a permanent state of hybrid work. From consultancy and data analysis to new product adoption, organisations are harnessing strategies to keep up with global change. 

Companies would be wise to pay attention to the latest exit strategies released by major corporations in the past few weeks. The future trends have been set and the trajectory seems clear- remote working is here to stay. If your organisation has been stumbling through a web of unleveraged Microsoft 365 platforms, perhaps it’s time to recognise the permeant shift we’re witnessing in working environments. 

Of course some companies- the ones ahead of the curve in terms of digital transformation predicted the long-lasting effects of the pandemic. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced back in May 2020 that they had the strategy in place to allow employees to work from home forever.’ It seems that at Twitter HQ productivity had not been hit by the locking down of life as we know it. Like us, you’re probably thinkin this wasn’t the norm.  

At the other end of the workplace argument sits Goldman Sachs boss, David Solomon who has publicly rejected the ‘new normal’ if businesses want to foster innovative and collaborative cultures. It’s easy to find supporting evidence – stifled mental health, feelings of loneliness and an increased workload have all been widely reported but the reality is, it’s difficult to pinpoint those symptoms on remote working when this year has thrown our whole world off kilter. Every aspect of our lives, from relationships to schooling our children have been challenged in a life defining way. And so, most organisations have recognised that flex-working is forward thinking. In fact, it’s the exciting and diverse corporate landscape of the future.  

Evolution is often a good thing  

Overall CEOs, CFOs and other industry leaders seem to have settled on the idea of hybrid working. Major banks, such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank have announced they plan to reduce their office space as they expect their team to only spend two or three days per week in the office.  

When it comes to accessibility, the benefits of remote working are endless. Suddenly those limited by disability, location and childcare can join your workforce without logistics working against them. That’s right, your organisational communities just got blown wide open. Diversity in your workforce is an unquestionable positive, it’s a well known fact that inclusive companies are trend setters and successful future thinkers. Not only that, on a more global scale, they’re closing the gender pay gap, decreasing discrimination and actively driving equality. 

Lets build hybrid office strategies together

Konsolute believe that with communication led applications and a holistic approach to your 365 tenancy, remote working can boost the efficiency of your workforce. The reality is, the CIPD reported that at least 28 per cent of staff prefer the new way of working and 19 per cent would opt for it full time. This pressure is bound to result in the need for some proactive strategies.  

We have always helped companies tackle their most ambitious transformation projects and build new capabilities with Microsoft 365. This challenge is no different. We’re excited to help you leverage your 365 platform and make flex working viable for your organisation.  

Use us to explore new ways of workingwe’re experienced organisational transformers, no matter the size or sector of your business. For us, consulting is all about approaching each organisation with a fresh pair of eyes; because we know every company has a unique workforce and distinctive goals for future growth.  

A year ago we never could have guessed that our corporate working environments would be changed irreversibly. The world has been turned upside down and you’d be well advised to keep up or risk taking a knock to your productivity.   

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be looking at how your end-to-end workforce processes can be transformed to make way for our hybrid future. Whether that’s onboarding, document management or streamlining communication and security. We’ve ready to talk.  

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