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Like all journeys, successful Data Migration requires planning and insight. Here are our Top 5 tips for planning a successful move to Microsoft 365.

We know that cloud adoption is nothing new, but the panicked, partial digitalisation of workplaces that happened last spring lack longevity and resilience. Konsolute is here to leverage your data and streamline your complete transferal  to the cloud.

For many organisations, the events of the last year bought about a rapid and perhaps rushed migration to the cloud. Now, as legislation and rules start to relax, companies are having to take a second look at their migration and assess the data from the past year. For many smaller organisations who have struggled with on-prem workspaces throughout the pandemic, now is a chance to breathe and think about their cloud adoption.

The Azure Migration Center reports a 478% 3-year return on investment.

From business planning to training to security and governance, everyone is asking the question: what can be done to improve our data migration strategy and successful cloud adoption? Here are Konsolute’s top tips:

1. Set a realistic timeline

We have seen a huge amount of rushed digital transformation in the past year. Data migrations that haven’t truly understood the scope of the task at hand. Understanding the time you need to create a complete and holistic journey from on-prem to the cloud will better prepare your users for upcoming changes. If your users are briefed, trained and prepared for these changes to their data storage, correcting errors along the way will also be easier. As an organisational leader, your user experience should be a priority, so don’t rush your migration. It is better to arrive at a thriving destination in realistic timeframe.

2. Plan a pilot migration

Using your more technically proficient leaders to feel out your new cloud environment is a great idea. Perhaps only your IT team takes your Microsoft 365 tenancy for a spin first, the knowledge they gain can trickle down through your organisation and make for a smoother migration overall. Much like the first point we made, take your time to consider and prioritize the users that need to be moved first- Your migration is a one way ticket, so aim for minimal end user disruption.

3. Data Migrations are a great excuse for a spring clean

Determine what data is valuable and relevant to your organisation and more importantly, what documents, emails and forms should be thrown out. Using powerful AI is the best way to do this with a data insight system that can assess and advice you on your data. Konsolute have created a tool to do just this. Use Kolumbus to answer key questions to help you identify which data it will be beneficial to migrate. This enables you to archive and dispose of irrelevant data clogging up your system. The end result? A de-cluttered new system with improved operational efficiency.

4. Prioritize your data security

Again, your data migration is a great opportunity to make sure you’re complying with your organisations polices and procedures. We recommend using Kolumbus alongside our migration services to identify key compliance information and respond to regulatory requests such as GDPR. Our secure software empowers Microsoft’s compliance centre and Azure Information protection. If you prioritise and assess your data security before you begin your journey, you are far more likely to arrive at a secure destination.

5. Be prepared for migration throttling

Because your 365 tenancy is managed in an umbrella sense by Microsoft, their main focus is to ensure smooth end user experience. This being said, the company introduced restrictions on content migration during weekday daytime hours. This means that your bandwidth just won’t be able to handle your big data during civilised hours. Companies need to outsource their migration to avoid working around the clock. This is where our consulting services can help streamline your data migration by running high volumes of requests through the night and at weekends. We know that a migration doesn’t fit into a 9-5 so we fit around your organisation. This leaves your tenants to run at full capacity during their normal working day because we know that a disruption free journey to the cloud is a universal priority.


When we combine our migration services and consultancy with the powerful insights of Kolumbus, we can turn vast amounts of data into a solid reliable source of information. A brilliant foundation to plan your cloud transformation upon. We know that cloud adoption is nothing new, but the panicked/ partial digitalisation of workplaces that happened last spring has very little longevity. Konsolute is here to leverage your data and streamline your complete transferal  to the cloud. The five simple tips above are a great place to start.



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