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Should I leave my Legacy Environment? The Key Reasons Cloud Migration is suitable for Everyone.

Konsolute believe that cloud modernisation and migration can benefit organisation's of all sizes. Leveraging your data with better insight and governance will only empower your work processes and create strong foundations for the future.

Are you excited by the prospect of tidying up your data and moving it to the cloud but worried your organisation doesn’t require the support of serverless storage just yet? It’s a concern faced by many start-up and mid-sized companies who are growing but don’t know when to take that virtual leap of faith. The answer? There’s no time like the present. With entire remote workforces growing in popularity and cloud data stores being the obvious way of the future, investing in a cloud migration is a fool proof plan.

For us, one of the key features of a data migration is scalability. With this in mind cloud adoption should be prioritised by smaller companies sooner rather than later- once your data is serverless it’s far easier to continue your growth trajectory. Below we’ve unpacked a few other significant bonuses that come about as a result of your cloud migration journey.

Data Knowledge is Power

At Konsolute we believe in extracting data insight before exporting any data from legacy environments. Kolumbus allows you to look inside your documentation and extract huge amounts of powerful data as a preparatory step to migration. This results in a cleaner and better organised new environment for internal and external users alike. Stay tuned to hear more about the key features and functions of Kolumbus in our next blog. Scrutinising your source data is also a fantastic way of ensuring your company is complying with its policies and maintaining good levels of governance in its data store.

Get on Top of your Governance

Data quality control and governance is key to the smooth running of your organisation. Maintaining standards protects you, your processes and your employees through the procurement of ‘best practice.’ Your migration is an opportunity to make sure all of your data is up to date with government requirements such as GDPR as well as your own internal standards. Perhaps your data migration will highlight to you the need for a better compliance checklist- something we’d be more than happy to advise on.

Travel at your own Pace

We’ve already mentioned the scalability of cloud solutions- they’re also super flexible to fit with your organisation. You many decide to go with the hard and fast approach, using a short period of time to extract, analyse and load data onto your new environment. Using this method will result in some company ‘down time’ but the results tend to be a little quicker than other options.

Alternatively, you can choose to maintain your legacy environments whilst making a steady change over to the new system. This option is a little more complex in design, but is perhaps offset by the lack of operational disruption and downtime.

The pace is up to you.

Proven Migration Consultancy to help you Leverage your Data Journey

Harnessing the power of great consultancy is a huge bonus to cloud migration. At Konsolute we’ve helped clients from all sectors find solutions to their organisational sticking points. From understanding your big data insights to helping implement your new virtual environment, using a trusted consulting service could be the best investment for your growing business.


We feel that data migration is the vital next step in safeguarding the security and privacy of your data. Whether you’re looking to modernise your existing cloud tenancy or embark on an entirely new journey from a legacy environment, we understand that each migration is unique. If you’re questioning whether adopting a cloud approach could benefit your own organisation, don’t hesitate. No matter the size or sector of your business, the insight, security and governance gained is an undeniable investment for the future.

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