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Migration services

Migrating your data to the cloud can be stressful - allow us to design and orchestrate your journey.

Your data migration journey is defined by you. So whether you retire, replace, rehost, re-architect or stay on-premise, we'll create a personalised strategy to meet your new world needs.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to complete a full and successful digital transformation. Most have embraced some degree of virtual working over the past year, whether that’s the implementation of Teams or a paperless Quality Management System– things are moving gradually towards a new online reality.

However, what about all of that legacy data? All of that on premise documentation that is unstructured and creating security risk? Data Migration is a fundamental factor in your digital transformation toolkit. So, our proposal is this: streamline your migration process with our consulting services and gain powerful insight into your data along the way. Our fixed price data exploration and discovery will lead naturally into your strategy definition, where we can begin to design the characteristics and architecture of your new world data. From here, you’re ready to set sail on a meticulously planned voyage.

Discover more about your data

Allow us to create Power BI dashboards to visualise your data and help establish the taxonomies of your data. Before we can begin to think about what your new world might look like, it is super important to understand the data you are intending to migrate. We encourage you to ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you accessed your data? And in that same breathe, is it suitable to archive and dispose of some of your older documentation?
  • What application and infrastructure am I currently running? of these, which should be migrated, modernised, retired, replaced or maintained on-premise?
  • How much data will be migrated?
  • What are the risks associated with a migration, and how long will it take?
  • What will be the return on my investment for migration, based on my current running costs, my post-migration running costs, and the cost of migration itself?
  • Will my cloud migration have additional benefits?
  • Is all of your current data compliant with company and government guidelines?

Achieving the answers to these questions with the help of our data analysis will help provide the ideal starting point for us to design your journey to the cloud.

A little more on Kolumbus

All of these questions and more can be answered by gaining data insight with analysis through Kolumbus. Use highly personalised dashboards to lay the building blocks for your new world tenancy. Kolumbus’s dashboards utilise Microsoft’s Power BI to provide you with a powerful toolset that you can use to define and query your data set. These visual representations of your data can easily be integrated within your organisation with other Microsoft 365 products and services.

Kolumbus automatically identifies taxonomies which you can use as part of your information architecture to improve discoverability, implement intelligent information protection policies and add structure to your data.

Trainable data models, mean that Kolumbus is capable of diving into your organisation’s documentation and improving the quality of the keywords that are extracted. Working alongside this feature, Kolumbus uses any existing taxonomies you may have to recognise generic categories.

A new world built just for you

From improving operational efficiencies, responding to compliance requests and identifying insider threats, Kolumbus tells you so much more about your data than simply how to package it up for migration. Using Kolumbus as a part of your cloud migration toolkit will ensure your new environment is streamlined, structured and accessible for internal users.

Data analysis provides an important reference for our cloud architecture design. Years of experience have told us that extracting key data points and communication with stakeholders leads to the most successful new world deployments.

Whatever you decide to you with your data- retire, replace, rehost, re-architect or stay on-premise? We’ll define a personalised strategy to meet your new world needs. SaaS, IaaS, Serverless, Containerized or modernised with PaaS, or if it cannot be migrated at all should reside in a private cloud. We’ll design a platform that upholds your ethos, objectives and the functionality of your entire ecosystem for years to come.

Now we have the strategy, it’s time to set sail

Depending on the nature of your data, the amount of data, the complexity of your journey and the time frame you’re working to, the cost of your move to the cloud will vary. Want to know more? Let’s chat, we’d love to hear about your cloud modernisation goals.

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