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Migration services for hybrid working

Your Cloud Anywhere: Cloud Migration Services for your blended working environments

This isn’t 'off the shelf' migration, we’re blue sky thinkers and that means no idea is too farfetched. Let’s dream up your ideal migration and then work on that strategy to actualise your ideas.

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We’ve spoken before about the importance of accessible hybrid environments on our blog page. It’s no understatement to say they are the single most important factor in keeping businesses as productive as possible whilst our working landscape shifts to a predominantly remote workforce.

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So we’ve told you about the benefits of hybrid working and we’ve highlighted the ways in which cloud adoption is an essential part of your digital transformation toolset. Now, let’s dive a little deeper into how we create that optimal cloud hybrid cloud infrastructure through reliable, efficient and secure migration assessments and workshops.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Assessment

This is where we start all client relationships. We want to get to know you and your unique needs- all migrations are unique, so beginning your journey with goal setting is a great way of setting project intentions and direction. Our assessments are free and normally consist of a high level overview of everything from your requirements to our cases studies.

Allow us to help define your principles and vision early on in your migration process for a better sense of direction from the start. We encourage you to think about your information sources, potential employee experience, ability to collaborate, what flex working means to you, security and governance.  From this point, we can begin to design workshops that will be best suited for your transition from legacy hardware and data stores to your new world platform.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Workshops

Now it’s time to dive into some workshops and get the ideas rolling. In order to identify requirements and success criteria we address issues, questions and solutions in the following sessions:

Information Architecture

Overview of the main information architecture concepts. This includes navigation, taxonomy and data buckets. It can also relate to existing ways of working such as discovery, tagging and data structures. Highlighting the differences between your legacy online data and community processes and your new concept world will help us mitigate issues around the transfer and make the journey smoother.

Information Governance

An exploration into your user persona and subsequently what forms of governance your organisation is likely to need. We use this exploration to extract the processes which can be streamlined for automation purposes.

Information Security

As operations and applications expand across on-premises, multicloud, and edge infrastructure, security becomes complex. In this era of regular data breaches, having a cloud platform that protects databases and unstructured data stores/ lakes is critically important.

Sharing and collaborating on projects and documentation is more accessible than ever before so we encourage you to prioritise your security clearance levels early on and make them foundational in your cloud strategy. Data should and can be controlled in a secure manner, without hindering productivity or increasing the complexity of the process. Our free Microsoft 365 Health Check is a great way to independently check on the whereabouts of your data, users and projects and make improvements to your security with ease. Ask us in your consultation if you’d like to know more about Konsolutes’s Health Check.

Migration Strategy

This is the point at which we can begin to discuss the different types of cloud migration available to you. We’ll run you through the main steps and explain how we are going to facilitate a successful migration in order to gain user acceptance as part of the onboarding experience.

Why our Migration Workshops are so successful

Often, the best ideas come from the physical process of getting around a (virtual) table and brainstorming. Including members of different departments and varying seniority levels will ensure you are providing a cloud solution that works for every part of your organisation.

This isn’t off the shelf migration, we’re blue sky thinkers and that means no idea is too farfetched. Let’s dream up your ideal migration and then work on that strategy to actualise your ideas.

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