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Cloud migration for the government sector

A Tried and Tested Cloud Migration Blueprint for the Government Sector

Enhancing the relationship between the government and citizens in order to better communicate manifesto, policy and strategy is critical in the implementation of positive change and successful leadership.

Government National bodies and local bodies all have one key motive when it comes to digital transformation. For leaders, subsidiaries and party members alike, enhancing the relationship between the government and citizens in order to better communicate manifesto, policy and strategy is critical to successful leadership.

The Prime Minister made a manifesto pledge in his 2019 election campaign to improve the government’s use of data. Since that point, the country and world for that matter have been plunged into a data led crisis. For months, our only way of tackling Covid was to be reactive to the data we were collecting whether that was helping those in need of financial support or targeting various areas of the public sector with restrictions to ‘stop the spread’. Data was our biggest weapon right up until the point of a viable vaccine and proved to government bodies that leveraging their data through a digital revolution was essential.

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In response to government demand we’ve perfected a digital transformation blueprint that can be widely rolled out to government bodies. Through experience, we have found that there are some essentials to great government digital strategy. That’s why we include them as standard in our cloud migration consultancy and delivery, below we’ve outlined some of our blueprint’s defining features.

Blueprint Highlights

  • We assess and define access controls to information, documentation and undefined data. Whether you have predominantly internal users or regular guest users, we help you define access that aligns with your company policy and aids auditing.


  • Addressing legacy remains a key focus in the public/government sector. Further identifying legacy assets and agreeing prioritisation and funding while working with departments to develop roadmaps for addressing risks. Removing legacy IT also achieves value for money by removing excessive costs to support out of date technology.


  • We set up and monitor policy control to adhere to your Quality Management standards.


  • Often when we inherit new government projects, leaders and staff are looking to use this huge transformation to restructure their organisational data. We take on your legacy data and analysis it using Power BI data insight tools. Using the metadata we collect will help you decide what documentation you want to take with you to your ‘new world’ environment and will also allow us to find a home for it in your cloud tenancy.


  • Konsolute know that onboarding and educating large communities on tech can be challenging so we prioritise personalised consultancy to help everyone get up to speed and quickly as possible. Whether that means workshops or a virtual academy provision, we will ensure your government body has the knowledge and skill to make the most of their new digital environment.


  • We find that breaking your migration down into stages helps with any adoption concerns you may have. On top of workshops and consultation, our government migration service involves an alpha, beta and rollout stage. Alpha users receive training and regular engagement. At this stage we also complete regular feedback sessions, Iteration sessions, identify beta users for the next step and attain board approval for our services. From this point on its about onboarding the wider organisation. We continue with feedback and training whilst we plan and launch the final rollout.


  • We encourage you to embrace everything that 365 has to offer from Teams to Yammer, communication tools and platforms are a brilliant way of optimising your new ecosystem.


  • Our blueprint is underpinned by government guidelines including ruling around data repositories and retention and Microsoft best practices so you can rest easy knowing compliance and auditing won’t be a problem when it comes to your data stores.


  • When it comes to Government digitalisation we also know that back up strategy for applications and services is absolutely imperative. Our blueprint for government cloud migration includes a tried and tested backup strategy that provides that reassurance you’re looking for when things don’t go to plan.

Our Vision for the Government Sector

Our vision is to implement highly capable, hybrid cloud environments, with technology and products that can keep up with constant changes in legislation and advancements in workplace culture. This is vital to meet new challenges and serve different users flexibly, at pace, and in line with changing needs and expectations. For government bodies and subsidiaries, it will support more agile ways of working and better organisational outcomes. For citizens, it will lead to improved services and ensure that the experience when interacting with the government closer to that of the private sector than ever before.

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