What Should I Create ?

If you are unsure what you need to create for you team to collaborate you are able to fill in a questionnaire when you start building in Reflekt. When you have finished filling in the questionnaire Reflekt will recommend products which will suit your needs based on your answers.

Note: Questionnaire screen will only appear if enabled and configured by a Reflekt administrator

– An user with an administrator role will need to be added in Reflekt and used when following the instructions.

– A questionnaire has been configured already by an administrator

When Reflekt application has loaded click on Get Started on the welcome screen

Fill in the questionnaire
Note: If no questionnaire screen appears a Reflekt administrator will need to enable and configure a questionnaire.

Click Next >

Select product you wish to setup based on recommendations >

Continue through build request process

Once the build request has been sent this will be sent to the approvals queue where it will need to be approved before moving onto the next stage, you will be able to check the status of your request by going to View Creations from the welcome screen.