View My Build Requests

When a build request has been submitted by an user the request will be added to a job queue where it will wait to be approved or rejected to progress to the next stage. An administrator or user, users are able to view all requests which the user account has submitted

An user with at least an approver role will need to be added in Reflekt and used when following the instructions.

When Reflekt application has loaded click on Manage > Your Creations on the welcome screen

Note: Image above may differ slightly according to the account you login to Reflekt with

List of your build requests will been shown with the details below

Job Type: The type of request which has been submitted

Title: Name which the user specified for the product they wish to create

Created On: Date of when the request was submitted

Approver: This the the name of the approver who had either approved or rejected your request
Note: Field can be empty if no approver has processed your request

Processed On: Date in which your request had been processed

Approval Comments: Comments entered by approver if request has been approved or rejected
Note: Field can be empty if no comment has been entered by approver

Approval Status: Status of the request
Note: Field will be blank if request is awaiting a reply from a approver

Provision Status: Status of the building of your request