Getting Started

Microsoft Teams More Apps 2
  • Reflekt is available from the Microsoft Teams App Store or you can simply click here to navigate to the application.
  • Open Microsoft Teams from your Desktop or navigate to
  • Click on the ellipses "..."  from the menu
  • Click "More Apps"
Microsoft Teams Search for Reflekt
  • Using the search box, search for "Konsolute Reflekt"
  • Click into the Reflekt
  • Then proceed to "Add" the application
  • Click on the "Login button to sign into Reflekt
  • Please consent to the require permissions. This enables Reflekt to identify who the logged in user is.
  • You can also consent on behalf of your organisation too.
  • The first time you launch Reflekt, we need to capture some additional information. Fill in the information on the form and click "Get started"
  • Reflekt requires additional permissions to query your tenancy for members, group and sites.
  • Click into into each consent and following the instructions to providing consent
  • If you do not have enough permissions, please contact you Microsoft 365 tenant administrator so that they can consent on behalf of the organisation
  • Once you have provided consent you can click "Back to homepage"