Create New SharePoint Site

Create your first SharePoint site through Reflekt

An user who has been added in Reflekt and used when following the instructions

When Reflekt application has loaded click on Get Started on the welcome screen

Click SKIP on the next page

Click Select for SharePoint

Fill in SharePoint site name of the new Site

Click Next

Edit SharePoint Site Url (optional) > Click Next

Enter Description of the site > Click Next

Upload site image (optional) > Click Next

Note: Logos may take up to approx. 24 hours to appear on the site once created

Select SharePoint Owners for the new site > Click Next

Select Members for the new site > Click Next

Click Next when on tag pages > On the SharePoint TemplateShop page click Select next to Blank Communication Site

Click Next > Review the build details click Build

This will send a request to an approver who will need to approve the request for the setup of the new site. If approved and completed you will receive an email to confirm completion.