Tenant Settings Explained

Tenant settings for Onboard

A user with the administrator role will need to be added in Onboard and used when following instructions

Settings for the global Onboard wizard
Your details – This section you can spcify the fields which will appear in the “your details” page of the wizard where the user can check their details on record
To remove any field click on the next to the name of the field or to add select from the dropdown.
Profile Pic – To enable/disable disable the uploading a profile picture of the wizard, this section is used so users can upload a profile if they wish during the onboarding process.
Details (Skills & Interests) – Section of the wizard where user can specify their skills and interest during the Onboard process.
Recommendations – Section where Teams, Groups or Sites will be recommended to the user during the onboard process. Each recommendation can be enabled or disabled by clicking
Email settings – The contact email address for HR this is the email address of when the onboarding user will be able to use to contact HR for any issues regarding their details
Onboard Portal Settings – This is the Portal URL which the user will be taken to when they have completed the onboard process