Installation - SharePoint

Initial setup will be needed for Onboard to give you a better experience

A user with the SharePoint administrator role will be needed to follow the instructions

Login and navigate to O365 SharePoint admin centre > Click More features > Click Open under Apps

Click App Catalog > Select Create a new app catalog site

Fill in details > Click OK

Navigate to your newly created app catalog > Click Apps for SharePoint > Upload

Select Onboard.sppkg file > Click OK > Leave “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” unchecked > Click Deploy

Navigate to SharePoint admin center > Sites > Active Sites

Create > Blank Communication site > Fill in fields > Click Finish

Navigate to newly created site >Click on Site contents > New > App

Search and install onboard

when complete resulting site contents will be similar to below

When completed > Go back to main screen of site > New > Page


Click the Apps tab, Select Konsolute’s Onboard, then click Create

Navigate to SharePoint Admin Center > Click Advanced > API access

Under “Pending Requests > Organization-Wide” > Select requests which are in screenshot above and click Approve > You will have a similar to screen below after approvals

Navigate to newly created site > Click Configure Onboard

Login if prompted > Accept permission requests.


Click Install > When installation is complete user will receive an email to confirm installation of Onboard and a link to go back to site