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We wanted to share some fantastic news with you. We’re now a Microsoft Content and Services Preferred Partner

We have demonstrated our expertise, commitment and excellence within Content and Collaboration and Intelligence Modern Workplace by enabling our customers to achieve more on Microsoft Cloud platform and our efforts have been formally recognised by Microsoft.

Fully funded, no obligation workshop conducted by Konsolute and Microsoft

Our new status enables us to nominate you for fully funded workshops conducted by ourselves and Microsoft representatives. Simply fill in the form below to kick off the process!

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    Microsoft Project Cortex Content Services Preferred Partner

    Viva is here to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace with intelligent Insights…

    Forward thinking industry leaders know that the likes of Viva insights bring an even greater reward. In fact, research…

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    CAPA processes: 10 powerful key features that help Identify the root cause of your non-compliance

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    With reported cyberattacks increasing year on year, does modern legal practice need the cloud more than ever?

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    The ‘Pingdemic’: How to avoid periods of downtime with cloud adoption.

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