Understanding legacy SharePoint Workflows

What is a SharePoint workflow (SharePoint process workflow)?

SharePoint workflows are pre-programmed, mini applications that streamline and automate a variety of business processes. Workflows are essentially automated flowcharts, that remove human error and randomness from standard work procedure. From collecting signatures, feedback, or approvals for a plan or document, to tracking the status of a routine procedure. SharePoint workflows prevent employees spending unnecessary time on tasks that could be completed automatically, saving time and effort and bringing consistency and efficiency to everyday work procedures. Workflows take the guesswork out of procedures. Notifications arise when someone is late completing their task, or if issues arise throughout the process, keeping relevant parties in the project loop at all times. 

What is the problem?

Microsoft are clamping down on outdated workflows, also known as ‘Legacy Workflows’. From November 1st, all workflows from the 2010 SharePoint model will be retired. This means that after this date, many workflow operations essential to your company’s business procedures may cease to work. Operations you don’t even know you’re using; operations you have come to rely on. 

How do I check if I have Legacy Workflows? 

Don’t worry! You don’t need to frantically search your SharePoint for Legacy Workflows. Simply enter your details into our free reporting tool, Workflow Discovery. The oneclick automated process negates the need for manual instillation. It will quickly, securely and recursively scan your sites, sub-sites, lists and libraries for you. You don’t even need to wait around for the results, as Workflow Discovery will notify you when it has completed. A detailed report will give you an insight into all Legacy Workflows found throughout the scan. We can then help you with your next step– if you want to convert essential workflows to the new version, Konsolute have you covered. 

Powered by Konsolute’s secure cloud system, take back your time, and let Workflow Discovery drive your organisations automation, to the next level.

A word from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/sharepoint-2010-workflow-retirement-1ca3fff8-9985-410a-85aa-8120f626965f

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