We're excited to announce that we are Project Cortext Launch Partner with Microsoft

This week marks the sixth annual Microsoft Ignite Conference (previously known as TechEd), in which Konsolute will be participating as a launch partner for Microsoft’s Project Cortex. Beginning at 4pm BST this afternoon (Tuesday 22nd of September) and running until Thursday afternoon, Ignite 2020 will be a free 48 hour digital gathering, enabling developers and IT professionals across the world to come together, connect with Microsoft’s technical communities, and share thoughts and ideas.  

This year, rather than exhibiting in different cities around the world, Ignite 2020 will bring global partners together all at once, allowing participants to establish both local and far-flung connections with those innovating in similar areas. Experiences will include large-scale keynote talks as well as smaller digital breakout sessions on a range of topics, enabling each participant to curate their own schedule of events on the subjects that mean the most to them. The Ignite Learning Zone also provides content and workshops to help participants strengthen and diversify their skillset, even giving them the opportunity to earn a free Microsoft Certification exam.  

Here at Konsolute we are very excited to participate in the launch of Project Cortex at Ignite 2020 in our capacity as Charter Member of the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner ProgramThis status recognises our success in high-impact scenarios and workloads and enables us to work with Microsoft to put customer needs at the very centre of our solutions, participating in exciting projects such as Microsoft’s revolutionary Project Cortex.  

Project Cortex, which will be launched at this week’s Ignite Conference, applies AI to automatically categorise and organise content in Office, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams, using Machine Learning to deliver innovative experiences such as knowledge centres, topic cards, and topic pages. This Project re-invents how knowledge is managed from the ground up, using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the context of an organisation’s documents and categorising them accordingly. This will run behind the scenes, in turn enabling Microsoft 365 to offer each user and organisation a personalised experience, pushing the most relevant knowledge forward and maintaining the flow of work.  

Project Cortex not only aims to streamline business operations, driving efficiency and saving costs, but also enables organisations to manage information with advanced security and compliance. By categorising documents based on both context and content, Cortex uses machine learning to determine the security level of certain pieces of information, allowing 365 to automatically ensure all sensitive data remains behind internal perimeters.  

Here at Konsolute we are extremely excited about the launch of Project Cortex and are delighted to be contributing alongside various world-renowned organisations as a Microsoft 365 Content Service Charter Partner. Director of Technology Amar Bhogal believes that Cortex is “building the platform for what is going to be the next digital revolution”, automating businesses processes and reducing the risk of security breaches in order to “revolutionise the way in which the digital workplace operates”. As a part of the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Programme, we here at Konsolute are thrilled to be working alongside Microsoft to deliver what we believe will be the next huge sea change in workplace computing technology.  

Check out Microsoft Ignite 2020 here: https://myignite.microsoft.com

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