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We’ve just provisioned our 20,000th team with Reflekt, helping each one to create secure, collaborative communities in Microsoft 365.

20,000 feels like quite an achievement. In fact, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate this milestone in our latest blog and refresh our audience with an overview of what makes Reflekt so popular and why we created it…


Reflekt was born out of a need for better digital transformation…

Digital transformation is at the heart of business development. Universally, companies are now facing unprecedented pressure to enable virtual productivity and foster online communities. Offering platforms for product collaboration is the new benchmark for automated working environments and rightly so, the benefits of increased user adoption are endless. 

At Konsolute we have distilled your essential business needs down into a fully integrated, self-serve product. No matter the sector or size of your establishment, Reflekt can be implemented to provide boundaries around team structure, projects and collaboration in a safe environment. Through our approach, financial, political, energy, health and other service-sector players can reduce IT service costs by 25 to 50 percent, while simultaneously enhancing their employee experience.  

Microsoft 365 is hyper flexible, it provides endless possibilities but in terms of data, it’s incredibly easy to lose control. Reflekt addresses the severe risk posed by the unknown whereabouts of data. To put it bluntly, we were sick of seeing sensitive file breaches, orphan projects and duplicated groups because private departments can’t see what exists outside of their own four walls. On the other hand, we were witnessing ‘bottle necks’ forming with Heads of IT attempting to manage accesses without automation. Reflekt sits between these two options, we empower admin to govern creativity and encourage users with automated work flows.  

Key Features:

Ground Rules:

Consistency and regulatory requirements are a great place to start when it comes to projects. We know that a lot of your information being stored in the cloud is sensitive or private, so we’ve designed an admin interface that allows you to control all areas of access. From guest contributions and sharing rights to deciding whether data gets forwarded by contributors, privacy is in your hands. 

We’ve found that this level of governance is critical in maintaining company values and vision across the board, so we have created an intuitive reporting dashboard to identify and intervene when necessary. Non-compliant Teams, sites and groups will be flagged or prohibited in accordance with your settings. 


Let us do the hard work and pick from a range of intelligent workflows to automate your user experience. Tags, lists and meta data can all be personalized to create an environment that suits your governance needs. In earlier releases we only allowed for individual document tagging, now, entire projects and departments can be tagged to create quicker and broader control over. Internally these tags drive our AI to avoid duplicate groups   

Streamline with AI:

Ensure your community stays concise. AI enables us to check for other suitable teams or duplicate names before allowing you to create your own. Our questionnaire based user welcome guides users to suitable content. Not only are was streamlining your data, we’re encouraging connection- the base of successful business relationships. 

Community Driven:

Because you can create departments, teams and projects of all sizes you can be certain your community will be tailored to your company. Avoid first time user confusion and encourage take-up and collaboration- experience a community that communicates internally like never before. If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for- give us a call we love talking to fellow cloud enthusiasts. 


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Ready for a Digital Transformation?

Did you know that we host live demos so you can see our product in action? Click below to request a showcase of how Reflekt can revolutionise your online learning environment.

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