When governing your Microsoft 365 platform. Does one size fit all?

With a workforce operating across different departments and locations, it can become easy for employees to revert to their own systems for data production rather than following company procedures. Whilst allowing employees to follow their instincts can seem like a harmless practice, over time this can result in the production of huge amounts of unnecessary and disorganised data which can clog up your tenancy and slow down your business procedures. This is where Konsolute’s Reflekt can really help your company keep organised. The complete governance, lifecycle management, and automation tool for your Microsoft 365, Reflekt can manage everything, from directing your users to the right tool, determining teams naming and creation procedures, and recommending Teams, SharePoint sites, and 365 Groups that may interest users.

Reflekt’s main focus is on governance and automation in Microsoft 365. By having an administrator determine organisation-mandates regulations and requirements before creating an easy-to-use production and templating process, Reflekt empowers members of your organisation by allowing them to freely create Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Microsoft 365 Groups whilst being sure that you are always in control of their environment. Reflekt also allows you to determine the lifespan and cycle of certain pages and groups throughout your organisation, ensuring that inactive groups don’t clog up your Microsoft applications. Reflekt automatically tidies up orphaned and unused Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Microsoft 365 Groups by archiving them based on your organisational and regulatory requirements, keeping your tenancy clear and simple to use.

Reflekt standardises the data creation across your organisation with the use of templates. Administrators can create and introduce templates across Teams, SharePoint Sites, and 365 Groups in order to give your employees a head-start and consistency through the use of pre-defined templates. This standardisation is reinforced by Reflekt’s recommendation system, which recommends templates based upon your criteria. You can categorise your templates by associating them with your organisation’s taxonomies, allowing Reflekt to intelligently suggest templates which match your criteria based on name, description, and tags.

With the ever-expanding array of tools and capabilities available within Microsoft 365, it can become very confusing for your workforce to decide which one to use, potentially limiting their productivity. The assisted intelligence element of Reflekt’s system helps drive your workforce to the correct tool. Reflekt’s fully customisable questionnaire can be consulted by employees to find the right tool for use in a variety of situations. This reduces the amount of time your workforce spends searching, allowing them to remain focused on the task at hand.

Finally, all features of Reflekt are customisable by administrators across the board, giving you complete control over your organisation’s processes. Key to this feature is the ability to define your validation criteria. Reflekt gives administrators complete control over fine-tuning your Microsoft 365 platform: defining naming conventions, introducing the ability to define prefixes and suffixes, enforcing minimum and maximum limits on controls such as name length, description length, owners, members, and tags. Reflekt then uses these names and tags to complete a duplication check, notifying the users if any class occurs with existing Teams, Groups, or Sites, instead recommending that they use the existing ones instead of creating a new one. This prevents site sprawl and maintains a streamlined system across your company. Reflekt also eases the work of administration by enabling administrators to delegate approval request responsibility, allowing your organisation to control the flow of the Sites, Teams, and Groups created.

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